Sigil & Shadow: Randomized Characters

This is a very rough draft of a variant character creation system for Sigil & Shadow. While S&S core rules are already a hybrid of player choice and randomization, the following procedures are meant to provide a more, uh, adventurous approach to generating a character. Maybe you’re into more old-school procedural rules? Or need to create a few pre-gens in a hurry? The tables here can also help develop NPCs on the spot.

If you give it a shot — feel free to Contact Me with feedback!


  • Roll 1D. Even is Illuminated, Odd is Shadowed.

  • Roll again on the table below.

  • Alternately, spend 1 Bone to choose your casting.

00-24 Seeker Afflicted
25-49 Hunter Devoted
50-74 Protector Host
75-99 Keeper Ravenous

Backgrounds & Oddities

  • As normal: either randomly roll for both your Background and Oddity, or spend a Bone to cherry pick one.

  • Under this creation method, choose both a Perk and gain Skill Training listed under your Background. If no training is listed, choose a free second Perk.

Determine Ability Scores

  • Roll d00 four times; consult the table below and record an ability score for each.

  • You may permanently spend a Bone to re-roll any result (and take the better).

  • Alternately, spend a Bone to use the standard 60, 55, 50, 45 array.

This table is weighted towards scores of 45-55% but does grant you a slim shot at starting with higher scores.

91-99 40%
71-90 45%
51-70 50%
31-50 55%
21-29 60%
11-20 65%
01-10 70%
00 75%


  • Remember to gain any skill training from your Background, if any.

  • Roll for your two starting skills to be Trained in. Re-roll any repeats.

  • If you’re not happy, spend a Bone to cherry pick your two skills.

  • You may still spend a Bone to pick a bonus skill training of your choice.

  • Once trained skills are chosen, choose two to raise to Level 1.

Roll 1D Skill
0 Arcana
1 Combat
2 Education
3 Investigation
4 Larceny
5 Medicine
6 Mysticism
7 Social
8 Survival
9 Technical

Special Features

If you have Mysticism or if you’re Shadowed, you’re still encouraged to pick your own special features. That said, here’s some more tables if you’re feeling brave or lack inspiration:

0-4 Sixth Sense
5-9 Befuddle
10-14 Clairvoyance
15-19 Cleanse
20-24 Danger Sense
25-29 Enhance STR
30-34 Enhance DEX
35-39 Enhance LOG
40-44 Enhance WIL
45-49 Heal
50-54 Hex STR
55-59 Hex DEX
60-64 Hex LOG
65-69 Hex WIL
70 - 74 Mesmerize
75-79 Projection
80-84 Protection
85-89 Psychometry
90-94 Telepathy
95-99 Telekinesis
00-04 Animal Communion
05-09 Blink
10-14 Channel
15-19 Compel
20-24 Concealment
25-29 Entangle
30-34 Ethereal Form
35-39 Flight
40-44 Gift
45-49 Hasten
50-54 Heightened Senses
55-59 Inhuman Ability
60-64 Leap
65-69 Mimicry
70-74 Paranormal Attack
75-79 Regeneration
80-84 Shapeshift
85-89 Terrifying
90-94 Uncanny Resistance
95-99 Wall Crawling
0 Bane
1 Binding
2 Dreadful Feature
3 Exhausting
4 Haunted
5 Hindering Trait
6 Key Phrase / Trigger
7 Misfortune
8 Secret Skin*
9 Strange Compulsion


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