Although Sigil & Shadow is not released as open gaming content, this post is an invitation to anyone who wants to create works compatible with my game — the caveat being: as long as you’re willing to reach out to me and respect my guidelines, you can label your work as Invoked with Sigil & Shadow.

Just so we’re clear…

A work labeled as Invoked with Sigil & Shadow” is a fancy way of saying, I have permission from the author to produce an unofficial Sigil & Shadow product.” This entire post is written in my own words to summarize what I expect to give the thumbs up.

In short — make it clear you’re not me or Osprey Games, don’t reuse the art assets from our book, and don’t make anything hateful. In return: you own your work, we won’t reproduce your work (without permission), and we won’t ask for anything more than acknowledgments.

Who is this For?

This is for independent authors and publishers who want to produce Sigil & Shadow-compatible gaming content as a third-party publication (zines, booklets, sourcebooks etc.) for digital and/or print distribution, both commercial and non.

It is not me putting out a call for paid work of any kind — I’m a broke freelancer; I can hardly afford myself.

Fan content written for personal blogs or social media doesn’t require my permission. But feel free to come share on our Discord.

The Run-Down

First and foremost, Contact Me about your project and what you’re setting out to do. You’ll most likely get my thumbs up, but, I reserve the right to withhold or reject my approval on anything I consider out of bounds.

When developing your final product, you’re expected to adhere to the following:

- Distinguish Yourself from Us

Do this by displaying the following text (clearly) in either the credits or legal section of your publication:

(PRODUCT NAME) is an independent publication of (AUTHOR or PUBLISHER NAME) and is in no way affiliated with R.E. Davis, ChaosGrenade Games, or Osprey Games.

SIGIL & SHADOW is © R.E. Davis, and is based on the BareBones system designed by Larry Moore and Bill Logan and published by DwD Studios, used with permission. SIGIL & SHADOW is published by Osprey Games. To find out more about Osprey Games visit www.ospreypublishing.com

- Do Not Copy the Art or Appearance

The art illustrations, icons & logos used in the Sigil & Shadow book are not to be duplicated, reused or reproduced. This includes the Osprey Games logo. Do not try to replicate the exact design, layout, font and color choices of the core rule book in an attempt to make your product indistinguishable from ours.

- Keep It Inclusive.

Modern occult horror tends to touch on mature themes or sensitive issues. You are invited to be dark, weird, and scary. But saying that: outright racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and transphobia have no part in this Invocation. Please consider the broader audience.

In return, this is my promise to you:

- You Own Your Work.

Whatever intellectual property you make is yours, period. We won’t reproduce it in any official” publication without your expressed permission. And even then, it’s your credit and not mine.

- You Don’t Owe Me Anything (except Thanks”.)

I’m not charging royalties or licensing fees or any of that. I just ask for an acknowledgment and a free copy of whatever it is you’re doing (digital is fine).


If all of the above jives, then please email me: thechaosgrenade@gmail.com and let me know what it is you’re wanting to cook up. If you have questions or concerns, or need something clarified, you should email me that too.

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