Invoking the Fanbase

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First off, apologies for the delay on anything new regarding Sigil & Shadow.
While I’ve been distracted trying to get my act together going forward in 2022, some really cool peeps have put together some handy stuff for Sigil & Shadow!

Where the Darkness and Light Intersect

Vvirtue has written an awesome fan supplement as part of the Light and Darkness TTRPG Jam. It’s available for free on itch, in both PDF and plaint text formats.

In it you’ll find 3 new Castings (two Illuminated, one Shadowed) that thrive on the thin line between the mundane and paranormal worlds. You have The Shelter, whose drive is Solace in providing the supernatural ways to survive and cope while mixing in with society. Then you have The Stained, who is someone who stood on the Edge of becoming Shadowed but decided to hold back. It’s a great choice for those want the drama of someone fighting the temptation of power. Lastly, the Shadowed casting is The Tempter, who as the name implies, fuels its power from pulling other into their shadowed nature.

Was really impressed with these, and loved how they tied into the theme of blurring the lines between Illumination and Shadowed. Will definitely allow these at my own table!

Character Sheets for Virtual Tabletops

I’ve been focusing on running games online more lately, especially after catching COVID around New Year’s. But I’ll confess that I am dense when it comes to figuring out how to set stuff up on Virtual Tabletops. Luckily, a couple fans have put in the work of at least setting up character sheets for a couple major VTTS!

  • Twitter user @svalladolid has created a Sigil & Shadow character sheet for Roll20! It’s based on the official sheet and, from what I see, does everything you would need to play with it.

  • SpandexAndy has a blog post detailing his instructions for installing his character sheet using Sandbox for FoundryVTT

Of course you can also head over to the Sigil & Shadow Resources Page to grab some other character sheets, including form-fillable PDFs and some handy Google sheets (also by Spandex Andy!)

Wanting to Craft Your Own Stuff?

Officially,there’s not a formal license for third-party Sigil & Shadow content at this time. It’s something I hope to have ironed out soon, but in the mean time here’s the following guidelines for anyone wanting to share their own work for the game:

For Non-Commercial Projects (Fan Content)

I have no beef with written articles on blogs, zines or social media sharing house rules, home-brewed content, or anything else made for Sigil & Shadow. If you’re creating documents to be shared or distributed (such as a PDF) make sure of the following:

  • State clearly that you are not associated with the publisher (Osprey Games) or the author (R.E. Davis)

  • Do Not reuse any artwork or logos from the book.

  • I implore you to consider the wide audience the game has, and use content warnings for any heavy themes or mature subject matter.

  • Also — make sure to share it with me so I can help spread the word!

For Commercial Purposes

If you have a project that you would like to publish third-party and sell, do not hesitate to email me at thechaosgrenade@gmail.com or hit me up over social media (links at the footer of this site). I am more than happy to work with you and hash out some terms of agreement. I’m a pretty easy going person and just want to ensure a bit of quality control (as well as keeping my publisher in the loop). Most likely the only compensation I will ask for is a free copy of your work!

Actual Plays, Podcasts, etc

If you’re a content creator and want to record (or transcribe) your crew playing Sigil & Shadow, go right the hell ahead! Whether for fun or funding (like from ads, patreon etc) you’re helping to get the word out!

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