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INTERMIXX — An RPG Mash-Up February 18, 2022 TTRPG & Intermixx & ChaosGrenade Games INTERMIXX is an RPG Mash-Up — a remix of cool ideas and styles to create a fun gaming experience all its own. This is a barebones, blank canvas DIY Gonzo-Mutoids-Pocket October 16, 2021 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games FREE ON ITCH My love letter to bat-shit crazy, kitchen sink, post apocalyptic settings is now available as a tiny pocket RPG — this time powered by SIGIL & SHADOW February 16, 2021 TTRPG & Sigil & Shadow & ChaosGrenade Games All posts tagged Sigil & Shadow Echoed Invocations — The official supplemental zine The Wythe Case Ongoing story that doubles as game play MAIN SEQUENCE: TRI-FOLD EDITION December 9, 2019 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games Download MAIN SEQUENCE: Tri-Fold Pamphlet Edition on Itch.io! MAIN SEQUENCE is a fast, “Rules-Necessary” science fiction RPG written by Matt Bryant SHROOM GOONS - A New Free Title! August 20, 2019 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games SHROOM GOONS is a “Spore-Core” Fantasy Trip for Weird People. A hack of Nate Treme’s Tunnel Goons , players take on the role of tiny mushroom folk AWESOME D.P.S. — A Free, Narrative-Driven Dice Pool System May 28, 2019 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games AWESOME D.P.S. (Dice Pool System) is a fast playing, narrative-driven dice pool RPG framework that is now live on itch.io! as a Pay-What-You-Want DRIVE·10 is Out Now! June 25, 2018 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games & Drive10 Drive·10 has been released on Itch.io! GET IT HERE Drive·10 is a fast, simple, traditional tabletop role-playing system with easy character creation Rota Fortunae: A Simple Fantasy RPG Framework April 18, 2016 TTRPG & ChaosGrenade Games Rota Fortunae is a simple fantasy rpg framework driven by CarPG. We took the base rules and repackaged it as a complete, stand alone 16-page PDF