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Deviations - On Skills and Background Experience Sep 13, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Some have expressed that in Sigil & Shadow, the -20% penalty to Untrained skills comes off as punishing for starting characters, especially when Charm City — a Sigil & Shadow AP Aug 11, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & 2000 Tales Just wanted to take a moment to point out the cool peeps at 2000 Tales have been running a weekly Sigil & Shadow game live on YouTube & Twitch! Sigil & Shadow: Dark Fantasy Backgrounds May 7, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Another experimental draft! Modern urban fantasy and occult horror is great, but I’ve also dreamt of using Sigil & Shadow to run gothic, grim Sigil & Shadow: Randomized Characters May 4, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Header Image generated using NightCafe.Studio +++ This is a very rough draft of a variant character creation system for Sigil & Shadow. While S&S Echoed Invocations, Issue 0: Clarity Jan 12, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Echoed Invocations is a new series of supplemental zines for Sigil & Shadow, providing expanded rules and content for my role-playing game of Urban The Dim Waters of Houston Nov 3, 2022 Sigil & Shadow All artwork on this post was done with Midjourney AI Houston, Texas — largest city in the state, home to over 2.3 million people in a roughly New Myths on Old Streets Aug 15, 2022 Sigil & Shadow All artwork on this post was done with Midjourney AI When Sigil & Shadow was in the brainstorming phase, Bill Logan mentioned a line from the movie The Stained Artist Aug 8, 2022 Sigil & Shadow All artwork on this post was done with Midjourney AI This is a character write up inspired by the Sigil & Shadow Play-by-Poll I ran over on the Faction & Stature Mar 4, 2022 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Header Art by Luis F. Sanz Sigil & Shadow strives to cover the tropes of urban fantasy and modern horror — hunting down monstrous threats, Invoking the Fanbase Feb 21, 2022 Sigil & Shadow Header Art by Luis F. Sanz First off, apologies for the delay on anything new regarding Sigil & Shadow. While I’ve been distracted trying to get my Mud & Blood: SIGIL & SHADOW Actual Play!’ Nov 1, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe I was honored to have the chance to run SIGIL & SHADOW for the Mud & Blood podcast’s Halloween Special! Just a fun note: this episode essentially The Wythe Case, Part 4: A Shattered Nightmare Sep 25, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe The entity paralyzing Samantha pays no attention to Julia, continuing to attempt to suffocate her with a swarm of shadowy bugs that bleed out from The Wythe Case, Part 3: Dead End Friends Sep 25, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe Samantha couldn’t sleep the nights following her encounter at the Wythe Estate. Any time she closed her eyes, that wretched man-bug with the The Wythe Case, Part 2: Fight or Flight Sep 19, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This narrative is a continuing example of gameplay for Sigil & Shadow, my role-playing game of Urban Fantasy & Occult Horror. We left Samantha Cane The Wythe Case, Part 1: Break In Sep 16, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe Samantha Cane exits her ride, tips the driver, and proceeds to walk down the wet street towards the Wythe estate. Myrtle and Benjamin Wythe, as the Julia Grave, Shadowed Occultist Sep 4, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This is Part 2 of a series showing game play examples for Sigil & Shadow. You can read Part 1 here. Today we’re having a look at a sample Shadowed Seeking Samantha Cane Aug 21, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This is the first part in a series of blogs that with the hopes of being walkthrough examples for Sigil & Shadow. Future posts will show sample SIGIL & SHADOW Feb 16, 2021 TTRPG & Sigil & Shadow & ChaosGrenade Games Ghosts. Vampires. The monster in your closet. The bogeyman under your bed. The cryptid you read about online. They’re all real. They lurk in our