Echoed Invocations: Deviations

After I had published Issue 0” of Echoed Invocations, I decided my next issue was going to be themed Deviations, as it was going to focus on optional rules that I had played with and considered during playtest and after. What I didn’t expect was how much that theme was going to ring true for my entire process! First off, real life happened, and that threw a wrench in my plans by about a year. When I finally set out to work on it, I didn’t realize how monumental (and yet, so tiny) this endeavor was going to be. Some of my quick ideas” turned into lengthy projects, requiring a bit more space to breathe and some experimentation. Other ideas I swore were going to fill the pages, and wound up being easily summarized in a couple paragraphs. I sat on quite a bit for months while I fell down some rabbit holes. Some ideas grew too big — I’m still considering options on publishing an actual companion book for Sigil & Shadow with those.

For the sake of getting stuff out to my audience quicker, I have decided to shift gears a bit on how I’m going to approach Echoed Invocations.

  • Instead of worrying about big chonky booklets centered around a theme, I’m going to put out a bunch of smaller digital supplements that focus on a specific topic.

  • A lot of these will appear as articles on my website, initially in draft form in order to receive feedback.

  • You just need to buy-in to Echoed Invocations once — one store front, one place to grab the files from. The Issue 0” will remain free to everyone.

  • The itch page for Echoed Invocations will now have a Community section instead of comments. The goal of this was to have a searchable place for newcomers to ask questions and get answers. I’ll continue doing this as well on my Discord, but I wanted something that wasn’t a walled garden” for people to find.

I’m hoping by taking this approach, I can produce more things, more often, for fans of Sigil & Shadow.

What’s New?

  • Issue 1: Deviations — Simplifications and house rules to keep in your toolbox.
  • Issue 2: Factions — Expands on the Five Factions Feuding procedures, featuring Stature rules!
  • Issue 3: The Dread & The Wake — Rules for tracking stress and fear during an adventure, and determining the aftermath following it.
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