Echoed Invocations

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Deviations - On Skills and Background Experience September 13, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Some have expressed that in Sigil & Shadow, the -20% penalty to Untrained skills comes off as punishing for starting characters, especially when Sigil & Shadow: Dark Fantasy Backgrounds May 7, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Another experimental draft! Modern urban fantasy and occult horror is great, but I’ve also dreamt of using Sigil & Shadow to run gothic, grim Sigil & Shadow: Randomized Characters May 4, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Header Image generated using NightCafe.Studio +++ This is a very rough draft of a variant character creation system for Sigil & Shadow. While S&S Echoed Invocations, Issue 0: Clarity January 12, 2023 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Echoed Invocations is a new series of supplemental zines for Sigil & Shadow, providing expanded rules and content for my role-playing game of Urban Faction & Stature March 4, 2022 Sigil & Shadow & Echoed Invocations Header Art by Luis F. Sanz Sigil & Shadow strives to cover the tropes of urban fantasy and modern horror — hunting down monstrous threats,