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Mud & Blood: SIGIL & SHADOW Actual Play!’ November 1, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe I was honored to have the chance to run SIGIL & SHADOW for the Mud & Blood podcast’s Halloween Special! Just a fun note: this episode essentially The Wythe Case, Part 4: A Shattered Nightmare September 25, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe The entity paralyzing Samantha pays no attention to Julia, continuing to attempt to suffocate her with a swarm of shadowy bugs that bleed out from The Wythe Case, Part 3: Dead End Friends September 25, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe Samantha couldn’t sleep the nights following her encounter at the Wythe Estate. Any time she closed her eyes, that wretched man-bug with the The Wythe Case, Part 2: Fight or Flight September 19, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This narrative is a continuing example of gameplay for Sigil & Shadow, my role-playing game of Urban Fantasy & Occult Horror. We left Samantha Cane The Wythe Case, Part 1: Break In September 16, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe Samantha Cane exits her ride, tips the driver, and proceeds to walk down the wet street towards the Wythe estate. Myrtle and Benjamin Wythe, as the Julia Grave, Shadowed Occultist September 4, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This is Part 2 of a series showing game play examples for Sigil & Shadow. You can read Part 1 here. Today we’re having a look at a sample Shadowed Seeking Samantha Cane August 21, 2021 Sigil & Shadow & Wythe This is the first part in a series of blogs that with the hopes of being walkthrough examples for Sigil & Shadow. Future posts will show sample