Welcome! TheChaosGrenade is home to our own stash of tabletop gaming goodness.  In addition to our free games, feel free to peruse our fan stuff for other systems or check out our blog.

PageLines- REWIREDplug.jpgREWIRED 
is a complete cyberpunk rpg, designed with the perfect balance of fast paced play and tactical crunch.

PageLines- MSPlug.jpgMAIN SEQUENCE is Matt Bryant’s fast paced, science fiction and space exploration game powered by the WyRM System.

Grunge_CarPGCarPG is a simple, elegant RPG framework by Matt Bryant. Designed for play on long road trips, office lunch breaks, or around the table with friends.

PageLines- PatchworkBanner.jpgPATCHWORK FANTASY is a fantasy rules manifesto, inspired by games of imagination both old and new.

SigilandshadowtestSIGIL & SHADOW is a Modern Game of Horror, Occultism & Fantasy using the d00Lite System.

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