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Hacking WR&M to Fate’s Wheel

2016-04-04 Rambling R.E. Davis
Today’s post isn’t so much an add-on to **CarPG **as it is a brainstorm on a system hack for _Warrior, Rogue & Mage— _converting it to the d10 or Fate’s Wheel mechanic that CarPG uses. The ease of cross-pollination between the two is not a coincidence since most of the games we crank out here at The ChaosGrenade are either based on the WyRM System or grew from it. The goal of this blog post is to present a variant resolution mechanic for WR&M while allowing the character creation process to remain intact with minimal edits or conversions. Continue reading

Warrior, Rogue & Mage: Now CC-BY + SRD

2015-01-28 Rambling R.E. Davis
We here at ChaosGrenade Press want to boost the signal of some really amazing news! Michael Wolf (aka Stargazer) recently gave a big gift to the gaming community: Warrior, Rogue & Mage now has a System Reference Documentand that document is released under the Creative Commons Unported license! In human words, there is now a simple core document of the WyRM system that is completely open for reuse in gaming projects (even commercial ones) as long as proper credit is given (which is more than fair! Continue reading