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FABRICATED VENTURERS — a Classless Hack for Vieja Escuela

I have written a classless, patchwork/piecemeal character hack for Vieja Escuela. Taking advantage of the format of VE: Pamphlet Edition, it’s written as a modular variant to the Character Creation rules. Just swap out and use without changing the rest of the game! Or you can just print out, fold up, and tuck it in your original VE rulebook. The Concept Fabricated Venturers ditches classes. Everyone starts as a d6 hit die character, proficient in simple weapons and Leather armor. Continue reading

VIEJA ESCUELA: Pamphlet Edition

I have taken the core rules of Vieja Escuela (which I’ve praised on herebefore) and repackaged it. As the name implies, this version is intended to be printed out and folded into three “zig-zag” or “accordion” style pamphlets (Character Creation, Game Rules, & Tables). Of course, it also looks good on tablets, or printed out and left on their own. Do whatever pleases you! This was a first time project for me using Affinity Publisher, and I’m pretty happy to share the results! Continue reading


2019-04-29 Rambling R.E. Davis
Filed Under: Campaign Ideas I Need Out of My Head. Premise: The Dark Sun setting re-imagined for the space fantasy game Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. Other Influences: Dune, Heavy Metal, and the artwork of Moebius. Preface: I really love Dark Sun on the surface. The core AD&D 2e boxset did a great job setting up the world of Athas and showing the “world at a glance” so to speak. The places where I start to tune out is when it essentially shoe-horns D&Disms into its unique setting, and the metaplot of events didn’t really impress me. Continue reading

Rambling on: Vieja Escuela

2019-01-20 Rambling R.E. Davis
I’m mad at myself for not blogging about this until now. In the past year or so we’ve seen a lot of cool minimalist and “OSR-Adjacent” D&D clones come out. Black Hack 2e, Untold Adventures, and Knave are a few of the ones I enjoy. But the one that stole the show is a little booklet named Vieja Escuela, a Spanish RPG that had been translated to several languages (including English). Continue reading

GUTTERPUNK SESSION 2: “Come to Zom Zom’s — a Place to Eat!”

2017-04-23 Rambling R.E. Davis
_This is a play report for **Gutterpunk Sprawl-Crawl, **a play-by-post campaign using **The Rad Hack. **This setting entails violence, drug use, and depraved morals — consider this your NSFW warning. _ When we left off last session, Leper Prawn and Absolvo had made it out alive from the radioactive sewers and have emerged about a block away from **Zom Zom’s, **a notorious restaurant that is a hub for all sorts of mutants, nomads, and biker gangs. Continue reading

Gutterpunk Sprawl Crawl: Setting Stuff

2017-03-29 Rambling R.E. Davis
Warning: Harsh NSFW Language Ahead I recently began work on an obscene sandbox that primarily uses **The Rad Hack **but also borrows from other titles like Cyber Hacked, Augmented Reality, Other Dust and any thematically appropriate stuff I find in the OSR community. I’ve actually begun running it as a Play-by-Post via a private Facebook Group. This format actually works well because it means I can troll Google Images for inspirational artwork to every scene and character, and we also keep an “Out of Character” chat open in messenger for “table talk” moments. Continue reading

The Witch of the Citrine Tower

2017-02-09 Rambling R.E. Davis
_This post is some raw ideas transcribed from some very loose notes from a one-shot adventure I put together for **Swords & Wizardry. **__I present them here as a loose framework for anyone to use however they wish in their own games. _ The immediate area surrounding the town of Silverbrooke has long been protected by the “witch” of the Citrine Tower. Though human, she’s been around as long as a lot of elves can remember. Continue reading
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