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[SIGIL & SHADOW] The Dim Waters

All artwork on this post was done with Midjourney AI

Houston, Texas – largest city in the state, home to over 2.3 million people in a roughly 666-mile area. This massive bayside city and neighboring communities reside on a handful of bayous and two large rivers (the Trinity and San Jacinto). The city itself is a hotbed for many paranormal types — many who walk its streets are unaware of how many occultists, cryptids and other shades they bump elbows with.

Seasonal rains and annual hurricanes frequently flood Houston’s streets and neighborhoods. These waters bring uncaring currents that steal away facets of everyday life – beloved possessions and entire lives are washed away in these deluges. It is said that when the waters rescind and currents are still, you can see another place reflected on the surface of the streams and riverbeds. It’s like our world through a lens of murky sunlight, but different. Distorted. And that if you stare long enough, you can see the reflections of those people and things lost to the currents.

This place is called The Dim Waters. It is the ephemeral Echo of the region – a reflection of all the psychic and emotional energies within and surrounding the city. Drowned ghosts seek out mementos of their old lives, swamp spirits stalk and prey on those who dare to enter their domains, and strange denizens lure others in with haunting bayou songs.

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