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2019-05-09 Rambling R.E. Davis
For today’s article in the D·10 Toolkit series, I wanted to take a look at the core mechanics and, specifically, how difficulty and challenges are expressed in the die rolls, and how you can change it up for your own games. Drive·10 was designed for fast rulings and game play, and with it I used a very straight-forward approach to determining the difficulty of the roll. All rolls are 1d10 + Proficiency (total bonuses), succeed on a total of 10+. Continue reading


2019-04-25 Rambling R.E. Davis
Tags in Drive·10 make up all the cool traits, powers, skills and features a character can have. When I set out to design the framework, I decided that instead of trying to make a large, encompassing list like we’ve done with other games, to instead create a simple guide to how Tags operate at the meta level. I took inspiration from systems like Fate and Savage Worlds in that I wanted someone to easily skin and translate whatever it is they’re wanting for their character into a game mechanic in a moment’s notice. Continue reading


2019-04-18 Rambling R.E. Davis
The Drive·10 Framework was written to be as fast, compact, and complete as possible. I wanted the core to be as essential as can be, so that it would be easy to take and replace rules as needed. Today I’m starting* a new series of blog posts, musing on different ways you can expand or hack the Drive·10 system to accommodate different needs in a role-playing game. Along the way I also hope the shed some light on why I went with certain design choices over others. Continue reading


2019-04-11 Rambling R.E. Davis
Much like the Dungeon Delvers mock up, this post provides a few GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS characters that you can either use as pre-gens, NPCs, or just inspiration for building your own. Radjak, a Shifty Telepathic Bug Scoundrel. Radjak is a typical rogue you’d find gambling in any post-Frag trade hub. He likes using his telepathy during games of Globwox Hold ‘Em. His strategy isn’t just to sense who may have the better hand, but to pick up on other cheaters so he can try to call their shenanigans out before anyone suspects him. Continue reading


2019-04-08 Rambling R.E. Davis
The crazy, zany, bat-shit insane post-apocalyptic project that triggered the creation of Drive·10 has now finally glued itself back together! GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS is now available to everyone who pays $2+ to support D·10 on Itch. Inspired by RIFTS, Gamma World, TMNT, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Heavy Metal, Super Jail and all sorts of other junk I like, GMWCP is an attempt at a rules-lite game of a fractured reality. Continue reading

Drive·10 Mockups: Dungeon Delvers

2018-08-06 Rambling R.E. Davis
Today I wanted to show some mock-ups for using the D·10 framework to run a high-action, mid-fantasy dungeon delving game. Let’s start with a few player characters, and then I’ll also share some sample NPCs. Player Characters Garn, a Nomadic Barbarian Garn is the combat power house of this trio. The GM has approved that his vocation of _Nomadic Barbarian _not only grants proficiency in combat, but also establishes a background in wilderness survival. Continue reading

DRIVE·10 is Out Now!

2018-06-25 Rambling R.E. Davis
Drive·10, our latest RPG framework, has been released on! This is an updated and revised version of the original game released last year. There have been a number of tweaks, adjustments, an addition or two, and some necessary editorial passes. Drive·10 is a fast, simple, traditional tabletop role-playing system with easy character creation and streamlined mechanics. Designed for quick pick up and play — brainstorm a setting, make characters, and get to playing all in one evening. Continue reading