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Pulling Back the Curtain (on Sigil & Shadow)

Out Now! Ghosts. Vampires. The monster in your closet. The bogeyman under your bed. The cryptid you read about online. They’re all real. They lurk in our shadows. They linger in our reflections. Good people make pacts with demons they find online. Creatures from beyond time prowl the city streets. Forgotten rituals are reborn as viral memes. The rich and powerful consort with ancient beings behind boardroom doors. Entities beyond our comprehension exploit our desires, gorge themselves on our fears, and manifest as our nightmares. Continue reading


2020-06-17 Rambling R.E. Davis
Looks like Amazon UK has let the cat out of the bag: SIGIL & SHADOW: A Roleplaying Game of Urban Fantasy and Occult Horror is due out next year from Osprey Games. I’ve been really excited to be among the next wave of their RPG releases — you can expect some upcoming rambles about Romance of the Perilous Land and Paleomythic. For now, though, I felt an up-to-date post about where S&S is in 2020 is important; especially since the Amazon listing has resulted in lots of traffic at older posts from 2014-2015. Continue reading

SHADOW OPS: Street Samurai

2015-05-07 Rambling R.E. Davis
Oh man, the Street Samurai. Years before I would know who Molly Millions was, I was a dorky 9 year old kid who laughed when my dad referred to my older brother’s weekend pastime as “Dungeons & Dumbass.” But then one Saturday morning, my brother had left out a book he borrowed from a friend. A book with a hot elf chick on the cover in cut off jeans, a book filled with gritty sci-fi urban landscapes, tribal shamans, and fantasy characters with electrodes plugged into their skull. Continue reading

SHADOW OPS: Elven Adept

2015-05-06 Rambling R.E. Davis
So, after playing **Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown **a bunch this week with Tim Kirk (of Silverlion Studios), I was inspired to whip-up **SHADOW OPS: Covert Ops in the Sixth World. **It’s a fan tribute to the Shadowrun franchise, inspired by the gameplay of the recent PC games using a mash-up of COVERT OPS and BareBones Fantasy from DwD Studios. I’m pretty happy with what I threw together between studying for finals, and the initial reactions from the BBF Community on G+ have been stellar. Continue reading


2015-05-05 Fan Stuff R.E. Davis

Shadow Ops: Covert Ops in the Sixth World is a fan tribute to the Shadowrun franchise, using a mash-up of Covert Ops and BareBones Fantasy by DwD Studios. Inspired by the streamlined mechanics and tactical play of the PC games in particular, it only seemed fitting to mix one of the biggest and best settings in the RPG industry with the fast-playing d00Lite system.

Continue reading

Campsite Ambush: A BareBones Fantasy Sample Combat

2014-02-28 Rambling R.E. Davis
Combat using the BareBones Fantasy Rules can be a bit tricky: overall, it’s a pretty simple system to pick up and run. But it’s deceptive in its simplicity and flexibility — folks who are used to more detailed systems, like D&D, get thrown off by some of the streamlined rules calls. Others probably mistake the BareBones d00Lite system for being, well, lite. I enjoy this system because it falls under what I categorize more as “rules necessary. Continue reading


2013-12-13 Rambling R.E. Davis
**COVERT OPS **by **DWD STUDIOS **has launched ahead of schedule!  COVERT OPS is a modern day role-playing game of paramlitary action and espionage, using the d00Lite System (that same found in BareBones Fantasy.) At the risk of repeating myself any further, I’d like to point any new readers to my previews BBF Review and CO Preview: COVERT OPS Sneak Peek BareBones Fantasy Review All of the excitement I had previously remains. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: COVERT OPS from DwD Studios

2013-10-29 Rambling R.E. Davis
Today’s post falls on the anniversary of the BareBones Fantasy release. For those who missed out, BBF was a solid percentile based role-playing game that captured the joys and feels of traditional dungeon crawlers and fantasy games, but with very quick-playing rules and fast-paced charts that allowed you to stock your campaign world in a jiffy. (Feel free to recap with my full review.) After a very successful launch, BBF continued to be supported with a line of equal quality products that included a brush stroked campaign setting, a book of optional races, a few adventures and even a free e-zine with content provided from the community. Continue reading

Hands On Review – BareBones Fantasy

2013-05-22 Rambling R.E. Davis
A few weeks ago, I put out a request on G+ to seek out some more Creative Commons licensed tabletop games. From that post, I learned about the upcoming game BareBones Fantasy and was given an opportunity to hop in over G+ Hangouts and try out the system. I have about 3 play sessions under my belt already, have lurked for a few character generation gatherings, have spent time gabbing with Larry Moore (one of BBF’s authors)…and now I have a review copy loaded up on my phone and Nook Color that I’ve been reading over the last couple days. Continue reading