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SIGIL & SHADOW: Pulling Back the Curtain!

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Ghosts. Vampires. The monster in your closet. The bogeyman under your bed. The cryptid you read about online. They’re all real. They lurk in our shadows. They linger in our reflections. Good people make pacts with demons they find online. Creatures from beyond time prowl the city streets. Forgotten rituals are reborn as viral memes. The rich and powerful consort with ancient beings behind boardroom doors. Entities beyond our comprehension exploit our desires, gorge themselves on our fears, and manifest as our nightmares.

Sigil & Shadow is a roleplaying game of modern horror, occultism, and fantasy. It is a world where myth, magic, and urban legend collide with our modern post-truth zeitgeist. Players take on the roles of investigators, mystics, occultists, hunters, and monsters, fighting back against the tides of strange and supernatural forces that press against our fragile façade of reality. Do you take a stand against the encroaching shadows? Or do you seek their power for yourself?

Bottles Charged with Sigils


  • Powered by d00Lite: Sigil & Shadow uses a modified version of DwD Studios' versatile d00Lite rules.
  • More choice, less complexity: Sigil & Shadow and the d00Lite rules are highly accessible, with the focus squarely on the story rather than the mechanics – who the characters are and what they do, not how they do it.
  • A thousand stories: A Sigil & Shadow campaign can be built around a wide range of plots – a paranormal investigation team, a cell of monster hunters, a cabal of occultists, a secret society of monstrous misfits, an uneasy alliance of enemies united against a common foe…
  • A toolkit for your nightmares: Ask ten people to describe their favorite vampires, werewolves, or zombies and you’ll probably get a dozen different archetypes. Sigil & Shadow is designed to accommodate all these and more – a GM can develop character templates that fit their own mythos, or players can build unique creatures from scratch.
  • What’s old is new: The setting offered in Sigil & Shadow sees a modern world buffeted by the tides of supernatural power. Beings of myth wake from their slumber while modern cults sacrifice to pop-culture gods and ancient cabals pursue their age-old schemes into the digital age.

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