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Gonzo Mutoids -- Pocket Edition!


My love letter to bat-shit crazy, kitchen sink, post apocalyptic settings is now available as a tiny pocket RPG – this time powered by TRICUBE TALES! All you need is three six-sided dice, some spare tokens and scratch paper.

The base game consists of two tiny booklets (the core game, as well as a bonus GM booklet) that you may print out and fold using the Pocketfold method. Additionally, your purchase comes with a “Screen” version for reading on a tablet, laptop or other electronic device.

Play as scrambled up Mutoid heroes surviving in a surreal “Post-Frag” world. Create a character by randomly rolling on tables for your species, features and occupation. Some sample concepts:

  • A Clever, Pyrokinetic Bovine Mystic
  • A Brawny, Ghostly Reptilian Mercenary
  • An Agile, Radioactive Technophile Swine

Built to be compatible with the One-Page FURIOUS ROADS by Chaosmeister Games.

Also pairs nicely with the Tricube Solo Rules & Deck

Pocketbook Bonus Book

What about the Drive·10 Version?

Still valid! I will actually be making a small update to both the D·10 core and its Gonzo Mutoids add-on in the very near future! If you prefer a more traditional game, that’s the version to go with. This pocket edition is scaled more for simple 1-shots, solo and pick-up games.