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2019-09-26 Rambling R.E. Davis

Some big news regarding SHROOM GOONS!

First off, we got third place in the Goon Jam on! Thanks to everyone who’s supported this little title and left amazing feedback and reviews. And to the person who left a 1 star without comment — why do you hate fun?

Second off, there is now an updated SHROOM GOONS available on Itch! Minor edits, small clarifications, expanded Difficulty Scores, and a Referee section that offers some ways to tweak and handle difficult encounters & challenges. Also, “Skytouched” has been renamed Thunderkissed to sound more bad-ass (and, c’mon, White Zombie reference.)

Up Next: Youtuber Rigaroga is using Shroom Goons for a Tunnel Goons Solo Play which has been very entertaining to watch. Just a fair warning: Second episode is kinda gross — if you can’t find the old-school Nickelodeon-esque humor in shrooms fighting pimples on a Goblin, you might want to avoid.

I want to keep expanding Shroom Goons! I also want to keep hearing from you folks about the zany stuff you’re doing with the game! I’ve heard so much feedback ranging from cute adventures being ran for kids to the downright gonzo and gross with the adults. As long as you’re having fun, it’s all welcome under this shroom’s cap!

Let me know what stuff you’d like to see expanded in the Shroom Goon world! Some ideas I have, in no particular order:

  • Magic rules based on Spells for Goons by Caleb Jones
  • “Glade Management” — abstract the Shroom Home Glade as a shared character sheet with the players. Extends campaign play by giving the players something to invest in besides themselves.
  • Write ups of opponents and challenges.
  • Expanded lore on the three realms described in the setting.

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