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VIEJA ESCUELA: Pamphlet Edition

I have taken the core rules of Vieja Escuela (which I’ve praised on here before) and repackaged it. As the name implies, this version is intended to be printed out and folded into three “zig-zag” or “accordion” style pamphlets (Character Creation, Game Rules, & Tables).

Of course, it also looks good on tablets, or printed out and left on their own. Do whatever pleases you! This was a first time project for me using Affinity Publisher, and I’m pretty happy to share the results!

Minor liberties and omissions were necessary: only one monster stat block is listed for reference, a couple areas were shortened to fit in their sections, and the sample magical items were left out. Still, every rule necessary for play is referenced here, and these work great as a modular companion to the game.

Download it Here!

  • Printing Instructions: Set to print in Landscape, both sides, and flip along short edge.


Lots of folks seem to dig the pamphlet edition, and some have mistakenly credited it to us as a whole new game of our doing. Just to clarify for the newcomers — Vieja Escuela is an awesome, complete 16-page OSR game by grapas y mapas, derived from their Spanish zine of the same name, All I’ve done was reorganize & repackage the content of the English translation as a personal project. If this is your first time checking out these rules, Welcome! I’m happy to be exposing these cool cats to a wider audience.