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AWESOME D.P.S. — A Free, Narrative-Driven Dice Pool System

AWESOME D.P.S. (Dice Pool System) is a fast playing, narrative-driven dice pool RPG framework that is now live on! as a Pay-What-You-Want Pamphlet RPG.

The goal was to create a game that captures the best part of a dice pool system (grabbing handfuls of dice and feeling like a bad-ass) while minimizing stat blocks and keeping the math simple. Inspired and built off Diogo Nogueira’s Lost in the Fantasy World, these rules were written for gaming sessions that focus more on story and narrative flow than stat crunching or tactical play.

These rules are different from my usual offerings in that Players will have as much narrative control as the Judge (although the Judge still functions as arbiter and mentor for the game world). When opponents and obstacles arise, the Players roll opposing the Judge, with the winner narrating the results of the scene. There’s also additional mechanics for Helping your allies, and using a Luck die to extend consequences beyond a binary “pass/fail”.

It’s fast, it’s simple, it uses handfuls of six-sided dice. It’s focused on the narrative and the player characters, and allows them to do crazy things and get in over their heads while saving the day.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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