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Revisiting Anarchy

2019-05-13 Rambling R.E. Davis

Shadowrun: Anarchy is a title that I often call a “flawed gem” — a great game marred by poor execution. Rushed edits, a somewhat schizophrenic design (is it a core rulebook? Is it a supplement?), stretching itself thin trying to please both traditional SR veterans and newcomer storygamers. But despite all of that, underneath the rubble you can find the chassis of a slick, streamlined and adaptable dicepool system.

While I’m excited to see where the Sixth World Edition is heading, I find myself slinking back into my copy of Anarchy (goblinized warts and all). The biggest setback for me personally is that I want to jack into my old library of sourcebooks and hack everything forward to the Cue System.

Lucky for me, there’s been some voices in the shadows doing some legwork of their own, and I’ve managed to stumble on on their data payloads that fill in the blanks & polish the code, turning Anarchy into the Shadowrun I so desperately want to play.

Surprise Threat!

Kevin Duncan (aka Gingivitis on most SR Forums) has an awesome website where he collects most of his house rules from the campaigns he’s been running since 2016. His primer articles breathe depth into the mechanics. His resources offer tons of free downloads ranging from NPCs, GM & Player guides, an expanded catalog of Amps, and character sheets. My only issue was navigating on mobile can be a bit rough so definitely check it out on desktop.

SR:A 2050

Written by Mr. Johnson, this is an impressive 70 page document overhauling Anarchy into a more traditional-focused RPG with rules cobbled from SR5 and 2e. If you’re wanting expanded augments, magic, equipment and more (particularly in a somewhat 2050s style game) then this is highly recommended.

Homebrew & Errata Compilation

Put together by Brooklyn Gamer Dad, this document collects and compiles all sorts of house rules for Anarchy. If SR 2050 was too crunchy but you’re still wanting expanded content, this may be the way to go. Includes a hefty list of errata and corrections — I’m planning on sitting down with my hardcopy of SR:A and a good pen to ink a lot of these in.

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