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2019-04-11 Rambling R.E. Davis

Much like the Dungeon Delvers mock up, this post provides a few GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS characters that you can either use as pre-gens, NPCs, or just inspiration for building your own.

Radjak, a Shifty Telepathic Bug Scoundrel.

Radjak is a typical rogue you’d find gambling in any post-Frag trade hub. He likes using his telepathy during games of Globwox Hold ‘Em. His strategy isn’t just to sense who may have the better hand, but to pick up on other cheaters so he can try to call their shenanigans out before anyone suspects him. This has backfired on him a few times.

Rad’s player and the GM decide that his Mind Probing tag functions as a normal action for him. The player then asks if he could have a psychic attack that stuns enemies. The GM decides that as long as it targets a single foe, it’s fine but at the cost of accruing Static (building up Static in Gonzo Mutoids has a chance of backfiring on the character when they use their abilities.) Had they ran with the player’s original idea — effecting all in a nearby area — it may have had a different limitation on it, like 1/Scene.

Radjak, a Shifty Telepathic Bug Scoundrel (+2)
Body: +3
Mind: +4
Spirit: +3
Hit Points: 25


  • Mind Probing: Radjak can use his telepathy discretely to scan the surface thoughts of a near target.
  • Exoskeleton: his insectoid frame gives him Light Damage Reduction (-1).
  • Psychic Scream (Causes Static): Emits a disorienting, nauseating, headache-inducing psychic attack on a target foes. Targets his by the blast are stunned for the round, but Radjak builds Static from this action.

Loaded Dice
Chameleon Cloak (provides no armor but an Edge at sneaking)
Larceny Tools
Laser Pistol (Light Ranged Weapon /2 Damage)

Cami, a Photonic Saurian Rocker

Cami is loud, out there, and her presence demands everyone’s attention. Where Radjak is the sly, cool and shifty sort, she’s either the distraction or right up in someone’s face (either armed with her light blades, her shotgun, or her microphone).

Cami, a Photonic Saurian Rocker

Body: +3
Mind: +2
Spirit: +5
Hitpoints: 25


  • Light Blades: By clenching her fist and concentrating, Cami can generate a searing hot blade of light from her hands (Light weapon if one handed, Medium if she uses both hands). The GM has approved that these blades bypass worn armor, and can burn material like cloth,wood, or plastic — but for every round they’re manifested she accrues +1 Static.
  • Glider: Cami has leathery membranes between her arms, allowing her to glide safely from heights of a few stories high.
  • Steals the Show: Cami’s rock’n’roll attitude and demeanor means she has an Edge towards any task rolls to persuade a crowd.

Electric Guitar
Mic & Amp
Patched-Up Leathers (Light Armor)
Chain Wallet
Pump-Action Shotgun (Medium Ranged Weapon / 4 Damage)

XXXIII, a Freakish Undead Synthetic Mechanic

XXXIII was found alone and offline in an abandoned laboratory until Radjak and Cami found them. A creation of mad-science and necromancy, the two were shocked to have found a new friend in a shambling patchwork of spare parts — both corpse and machine. Though XXXIII trouble empathizing or reading other living Mutoids, they seem to have a real connection with the “souls” of machines, and have developed a real talent for repairing vehicles and other pre-Frag tech.

XXXIII, a Freakish Undead Synthetic Mechanic.
Body: +4
Mind: +4
Spirit: +2
Hit Points: 30


  • Mechanical Empathy: XXXIII has gains a Boost (+1 Bonus) on tasks involving repair or maintenance of machines.
  • Freakishly Tough: XXXIII has an Edge on physical tasks such as lifting, hand-to-hand fighting, grappling and the like.
  • Immune to Fear: XXXIII’s mechanical logic and dead heart allows them to shrug off being frightened.

Sturdy Overalls (Light Armor / 1)
Wrenches & Ratchets
Big Wrench (Medium 2-handed Melee Weapon/4 damage)
Diagnostic Device
Restored Hot-Rod

XXXIII’s Hot Rod

Restored Hot Rod
Mid-Sized (30 HP)
Robust Frame (Light Damage Resistance -1)
Turbobooster (Grants an Edge on race or chase actions)


Was this the right flavor of weird for ya? Want to take these characters for a spin? You can grab the GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS quick sheets along with the Drive·10 system for $2. Still not sold? Check out the free version of the D·10 core.