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2019-04-08 Rambling R.E. Davis

The crazy, zany, bat-shit insane post-apocalyptic project that triggered the creation of Drive·10 has now finally glued itself back together! GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS is now available to everyone who pays $2+ to support D·10 on Itch. 

Inspired by RIFTS, Gamma World, TMNT, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Heavy Metal, Super Jail and all sorts of other junk I like, GMWCP is an attempt at a rules-lite game of a fractured reality. We’re talking humanoid animals endowed with mutant powers fighting alongside aliens, cyborgs and mythical fae over relics both high-tech and magical in nature. Ever wanted to play a telepathic sasquatch cultist? A magnetic reptilian raider? Or how about a photonic fungoid rockstar? Well, I BET YOU DO NOW!

GMWCP __is released as a set of Quick Sheets — a fast genre primer to use with your copy of Drive·10. These sheets were designed to inspire, reference, and integrate with your copy of the core rules.

In this set you get:

  • An Obligatory Setting Introduction
  • Tables for Character Creation
  • Pages detailing Traits, Species, and Vocations
  • House Rules including resource Depletion.
  • Rules for Vehicles

If you’re a fan of bonkers “kitchen sink” rpg settings but are sick of the complex, bloated mechanics that usually accompany them, then GMWCP was written for you! Loose, fast, and “hand wavy” as all hell. Lazy? Perhaps! But it’s fun as hell and you should play it.

Have you bought the “Fancy Version” of Drive·10? Cool, you now have GMWCP! Haven’t yet? Well then please know that tossing us $2 (or more) gets you the core rules, the GMWCP Quick Sheets, and future D·10 add-ons as well! Remember that all money we get from D·10 sales will go towards offsetting the finances we’re putting into our other full games (like the upcoming Fortune’s Turn). Even if gonzo mutoids isn’t your thing — you’re supporting Creative Commons Licensed Gaming written by folks who have a love for the hobby.