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Gutterpunk Sprawl Crawl: Setting Stuff

2017-03-29 Rambling R.E. Davis

Warning: Harsh NSFW Language Ahead

I recently began work on an obscene sandbox that primarily uses **The Rad Hack **but also borrows from other titles like Cyber Hacked, Augmented RealityOther Dust and any thematically appropriate stuff I find in the OSR community.

I’ve actually begun running it as a Play-by-Post via a private Facebook Group. This format actually works well because it means I can troll Google Images for inspirational artwork to every scene and character, and we also keep an “Out of Character” chat open in messenger for “table talk” moments.

This is a pretty messed up game. It takes inspiration from Judge Dredd, Borderlands, Transmetropolitan, Freejack, Repo Man, and a bunch of other trashy sci-fi titles.

The Fucking Setting

Humanity headed to the stars! We’ve achieved wonders in robotics, cybernetics, nanotechnology, FTL travel and off-world terra forming! There’s new life and new wonders out there!

But Fuck You. You’re stuck on this mudball.

Home District: Hex A1


Tune in Next Post where I introduce our adventurers on the start of their fucked-up journey to do mundane tasks!


Links to Art I ripped off for this post:

  • “Post Apocalyptic 2” by BPSola @ Deviant Art