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My Fantasy GW Origins: The Fighter

2011-01-09 Fan Stuff R.E. Davis


You can take a beating, but you’d rather give it.

Fighter Traits:


  • Origin Type: Strength, Bio; +2 to Bio Overcharge
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Athletics Check
  • Frontliner (Level 1): +2 AC
  • Tank (Level 1): 5 Physical Resistance
  • Fighter Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, the attack deals +1d10 damage and the target takes -5 penalty to attack rolls against any targets other than you until the end of your next turn.

Fighter Powers:

  • CLEAVE’EM        FIGHTER NOVICE Because the only thing better than hitting one foe is hitting two of them. At-Will * Bio, Physical, Weapon Standard Action  /   Melee Weapon Target: One Creature Attack: Str + Level + Weapon Acc. vs AC Hit: 1[W]+Str Modifier +Twice Your  Level physical damage, and an enemy adjacent to you takes damage equal to Str Modifier + Level Physical damage. 
  • BRING DA NOISE!       FIGHTER UTILITY Hone in on your target, shrugging off any who get in your way. Encounter * Bio
    Immediate Interrupt  /   Personal Trigger: Any adjacent enemies take an opportunity action against you. Effect: Cancel the opportunity actions you were about to grant. 
  • WALL OF PAIN       FIGHTER EXPERT Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for! Encounter * Bio, Physical, Weapon Standard Action  /  Melee WeaponTarget: One Creature Attack: Str + Level + Weapon Acc. vs AC Hit: 2D10 + Str Modifier + Twice Your Level Physical Damage Effect: Allies adjacent to the target receive +2 AC until the end of their next turn.

Whether you’re a brawler of the wastes of Terra Gamma, a savage warrior or a proud Knight who was stranded on this globe after The Big Mistake, Fighters are a pretty straight forward origin. What makes them stand out from any other mutant or person is that they have years of weapons and armor training behind them.

**Character Ideas:

  • Fighter/Empath — “Paladin”: Combining the Fighter’s front line tactics and resistance with the Empath’s ability to heal and boost allies, you have a classic Paladin-style protector on your hands.
  • Yeti/Fighter: Move in between your foes, Cleave’Em, Yeti Claw the main threat and mock his buddy as he fails to interrupt you as you pulverize his friend.