Eyes Beyond the Torchlight” joins The ChaosGrenade Library

I’m happy to announce that one of my favorite fantasy adventure games, EYES BEYOND THE TORCHLIGHT, is now a title under my care and stewardship.

My goal of this acquisition is to preserve and maintain the game, keeping it supported and available for years to come. While we live in an age where we’re spoiled with options when it comes to fantasy role-playing, EBtT and its Target 12 system hits a sweet-spot of flexible, fast playing rules with interesting character options and open advancement. Anyone who appreciates my games and my Quick and Dirty, Rules Necessary” philosophy will understand why I wanted to keep this game alive!

About Eyes Beyond the Torchlight

Eyes Beyond the Torchlight is a fantasy RPG that tackles the vibe of classic old-school gaming with a streamlined, fast system that doesn’t get in the way at the table. Players create characters by choosing from one of seven ancestries, four broad archetypes and a myriad of backgrounds, edges and hindrances. From there, advancement is open and anything is possible.

Powered by the Target 12 system, EBTT is as fast as it is deadly. Accomplishing a risky task involves rolling a d20 + an associated Stat Die (rated d4-d12) and scoring higher than a Target number (usually 12). Combat is streamlined with a single roll determining if a hit is landed and how much damage is dealt simultaneously.

Spells take the form of Powers that are fantastic and potentially dangerous if misused. Magical items, deadly monsters, and the City of Woldspire (and the borderlands it resides on) can all be found in this single tome, ready to be cracked open and brought to the table!

The Short Term Plan

  • Work with the fanbase to comb over the core rulebook and perform any edits, errata and clarifications that are needed.
  • The current iteration of EBTT will remain available (at reduced pricing) through Max HP on various platforms until the updates are finished. Then I will put the revised editions up (digital and POD) under the ChaosGrenade Games branding.
  • The Target 12 SRD will then receive an update to match anything we errata in the core rulebook.

The Long Term Plan

  • More open promotion of EBTT to get the word out
  • Would love to expand the Target 12 SRD into a user-friendly generic RPG rules set
  • Game Jams?
  • Zines?
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