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Hacking WR&M to Fate’s Wheel

Today’s post isn’t so much an add-on to CarPG as it is a brainstorm on a system hack for Warrior, Rogue & Mage — converting it to the  d10 or Fate’s Wheel mechanic that CarPG uses.

The ease of cross-pollination between the two is not a coincidence since most of the games we crank out here at The ChaosGrenade are either based on the WyRM System or grew from it. The goal of this blog post is to present a variant resolution mechanic for WR&M while allowing the character creation process to remain intact with minimal edits or conversions.

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State of the Grenade: Summer 2015

Just a bit of an update for projects we’re working on over here.


Sigil & Shadow

SigilThe game is getting closer and closer to being ready. There’s been some hefty revisions to how certain parts of the game have been approached. I’m pretty certain, though, that I’m finally at a point where I’m happy how the magic system and the supernatural powers work. Right now my main focus is in the flavor of things — the default cosmology and setting details. The goal is to provide a game world mythology that can be taken out easily and replaced with whatever mythos the GM intends to run, but still delivers plenty of flavor and intrigue so others would actually want to run the default setting.

Up until now, my goals with the game have been merely mechanical — I wanted to create a game that fills everything I want and love in the genre of modern horror and fantasy without all the stuff that I felt bloated things down for both players and Game Masters. Now that I have that, I want it to be something more than just a rules alternative. A friend of mine asked me the other night “What makes your game stand out from, say, the Buffy RPG?” All I could answer was in terms of mechanics. My goal in the next couple weeks is to provide a better answer with content to back it.

Main Sequence

Main SequenceSomething I’ve been keeping a lid on for a bit: Matt Bryant is currently doing some revisions and brainstorming for a big update of Main Sequence. He’s let me in on some juicy intel, some of which includes a provided setting that spans three eras of play. We plan on giving this version the works — a new layout and design, some better attentions to detail, that kind of stuff.

Another big announcement related to MS — WYRED is officially getting retired. I no longer really support or endorse it, as REWIRED was the direction I chose to take with that game.  Fans of the WyRM system shouldn’t fret, though! MS was originally a derivative of WYRED — pretty much the same game, just one had augmentations and the other had spaceships. So why not both? WYRED will now be merged with MAIN SEQUENCE, making the upcoming revision our one big go-to for WyRM powered science fiction!


I can’t give a proper ETA on either project. S&S is the top of my priorities, and I’m shooting to be complete by late August or September. MS is dependent more on Matt’s schedule, which is centered around his own full-time (and over) work schedule. We can assure you, though, that we’re putting in lots of work and love to make these releases spectacular. We will be keeping updates here as best as we can.


Patchwork Fantasy Revised: Paying it Forward

In lieu of the Warrior, Rogue & Mage SRD being released under CC-BY, I decided to pay it forward.

600px-WeirdTalesv28n3pg289_Lost_DoorToday I have uploaded a revised copy of Patchwork Fantasy, which I’m also going to release as CC-BY.
That means you’re free to share, remix and re-use — both commercial and non.

Patchwork owes a lot to the WyRM system, and at one point Michael Wolf had considered adopting my magic system for a WR&M “Pocket Edition” that never saw fruition.

The original version was hammered out in two weeks as sort of a personal challenge. Originally I felt it was a failed experiment — I had intended to fit it in a couple “digest” sized booklets much like I did with REWIRED. The end result fell short, and was riddled with typos. Bad ones, glaring ones. Even when I gave the disclaimer it was purposefully vague and messy in some areas, it was pretty bad.

But instead of abandoning it, I’ve come back and given it some love. There’s been some needed revisions, based on feedback and personal reconsideration. There’s been quite a bit of clarification, and spruced up with a bit more artwork (thanks to Sine Nomine Publishing for releasing some in the public domain.)

Sure, the last thing we need is another fantasy game. But I think having more ideas and content released for free, with the encouragement to grow and build however you desire, is never a bad thing. Have fun, and please share anything you do with it!

Warrior, Rogue & Mage: Now CC-BY + SRD

We here at ChaosGrenade Press want to boost the signal of some really amazing news!


Michael Wolf (aka Stargazer) recently gave a big gift to the gaming community:
Warrior, Rogue & Mage now has a System Reference Document and that document is released under the Creative Commons Unported license! In human words, there is now a simple core document of the WyRM system that is completely open for reuse in gaming projects (even commercial ones) as long as proper credit is given (which is more than fair!)

A Call to Arms!

Euller Pereira has put out a call for fans of the WyRM system to gather, collaborate and share their ideas in order to inject some new life and interest into the system. John Payne was cool enough to answer this call by starting up the WyRM SRD Site on Google Pages. One of the aims of this site is to also collect links to WyRM system games, add-on files and derivatives (you’ll see a bit of our work on there.) It’s highly encouraged that anyone taking interest in sharing their own hacks of the system to join the Stargazer’s World G+ Community (it’s private, so you’ll need to wait for approval to join.) 

What Is Warrior, Rogue & Mage?

For those just stumbling in here and haven’t been listening to me praise this system for the last few years — Warrior, Rogue & Mage is a “rules lite” fantasy game published for free by Stargazer Games. The noticeable hallmark is that there are no classes — the titular roles are actually the attributes for the game. It has a simple skill system, talents, and a mana-point based spell casting system all centered around a simple d6 roll. Stargazer would go on to supply five more free supplements that add variant rules, more equipment, more monsters and more magic. I have a binder with all of the books printed out and it’s one of my most cherished gaming tomes.

The WyRM system, as it’s known as, has been the springboard for many home brews and other freely distributed games. Resolute, Adventurer & Genius by Andrew Modro and Jason Cabral was the first (that I know of), being a Pulp genre adaptation. Of course, RAG’s modifications of the WyRM system would go on to inspire my pocketmod cyberpunk game WYRED and Matt Bryant’s sci-fi space opera MAIN SEQUENCE



Matt Bryant has released a revised version of MAIN SEQUENCE, a rules-lite Space RPG using based on the WyRM system as it was derived from WYRED. This new booklet is a full sized version, filled with some cleaner definitions of the rules and with added examples to help new players hop into the game. It even includes sample characters and a space ship (from his actual campaign!) to give a better idea of how the game looks in play.

Saturn Eclipse — provided by NASA

I’m super stoked to be hosting this game for him, and I encourage anyone looking for a quick and dirty sci-fi rules system that is inherently lite (but still packs a punch) to give it a shot. It’s free, and like all our games here it’s released under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 License. Meaning you’re free to hack this sucker apart, share it with friends, and make new works out of it. Have fun!