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The ChaosGrenade Fall 15 Update

img-thingThis dispatch of the goings-on of R.E. Davis comes to you from behind a pile of college homework and real-world obligations. Fun.

Now that the summer heat is subsiding to a modest heat in Texas (with the occasional bouts of “feels nice”), I figured it was time to post a seasonal update regarding current projects that The ChaosGrenade is waiting to pull the pins on:

    • Sigil & Shadow: It’s still happening, I promise! There’s a lot going on with DwD these days, including the wrapping-up of the second edition of Covert Ops. S&S is next in line, but, it needs to wait its turn. And believe me, I’m as impatient to get it as you folks are. I’ve played the crap out of this game, and I believe in it. I can’t give an ETA because it needs to go through some edits, layout, and have art commissioned. All of which equals time and money. And with my college degree at full attention right now, I don’t really have the time, money or resources I’d like to devote to pushing it out by myself. I’m purposefully keeping the hype-train restrained on this until I have a better timeline to tell the awesome folks who’ve been hounding me about it. It sucks, but that’s just how it is.


    • Website Overhaul: I’ve worked on the site a bit and re-organized things. Pretty much, everything is either a personal gaming blog post or a news update related to my projects (such as this!). I know my posting is infrequent these days, so the focus of the site now is a repository for our games first, a hobbyist gaming blog second. I appreciate everyone who continues to drop by, and I’ll continue to post about my home games. But I think my time as a frequent and relevant blogger has long passed — I don’t have the steam I used to have during the 4e D&D days. I’m happy to be gaming once or twice a month now. It sucks, but that’s just how it is.


    • WASTED! as a Stand Alone Game: This is happening at a snail’s pace, but, I’m collaborating with a friend to create a full rulebook version for playing post-apoc, Madmax style games using the REWIRED rules.  We’re treating this as a separate (albeit compatible) game — it’ll have its own twist of mechanics and flavor. I think this will be appealing to a lot of newcomers and be easier for GM’s to run a game like this than having to walk through a hack-guide.


    • I’m playing a lot more games at least. I have a group I’m running Cypher System with. I have a weekly D&D 5e group I play with at a local game shop, that I’ve been attending somewhat regularly (regular enough to hit level 5 on my Warlock.) One of my buds hosts weekly board game nights, so I’ve been getting to experience a broader range of things outside my own collections. My personal creativity and production may be completely focused on schoolwork, but, it’s nice playing stuff without having to have my “playtest and feedback analysis” hat on. You know, playing for fun again.


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Until next time —

Roll 1d6

  1. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t eat.
  2. Make sure you turn the lights off when you leave.
  3. Keep Calm — Napalm.
  4. Have yourself a nice cold beer, and drink yourself away.
  5. Straighten your necktie.
  6. Free Parking
  7. You’re a rebel, I like that.

WASTED: Post-Apocalyptic REWIRED

Yes, I wrote this because I’ve been gushing fanboy for Mad Max: Fury Road.  Honestly though I’ve been kicking these thoughts around any time I fire up Fallout or Borderlands. Regardless, I present to you a 3-page hack for REWIRED describing how I would run post-apoc wasteland using the rules. Honestly, going from cybernetic urban sprawl to post-collapse anarchy isn’t that far of a stretch. Even my base campaign setting was practically on the edge — this just allows us to kick that bastard over and watch it fall face first.

The largest change isn’t mechanical, just in attitude: it’s no longer about acquiring new drugs, new tech, more bullets and more connections on the neon-lit rainy streets. It’s about acquiring the right supplies in the hopes of getting to live another day in the radioactive fallout. To reflect this, I replaced the Wealth skill with Resources, which is broken up into three tracks: Scrap, Food and Fuel. “Cred” don’t mean shit in this type of setting — coin metal is melted down, paper money is good to wipe your ass with.

I also tossed in a couple new equipment Tags and a few Perks. For those wanting mutations, I pretty much put in a perk that reskins bionetic augmentations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of bonkers/gonzo, weird-as-fuck super mutant settings. But there are far better games out there for that kind of thing. REWIRED works as a quick, gritty, low-powered action game.

The zip file includes the three page document and an altered character sheet.