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Frequently (Non) Asked Questions: The Patchwork Manifesto

Perhaps as an exercise in narcissism, I’m going to ask questions that nobody has ever asked me about my upcoming rpg system: The Patchwork Manifesto. That said, I figured it’d be a fun way to talk about the Hows and Whys of the project. Besides, you can’t tell me that any FAQ posted at time of any other game announcement consisted of questions that were, ya know, frequently asked up until that point.

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Patchwork Fantasy: a “Rules Manifesto”

800px-Holbein_Danse_Macabre_27This is my fantasy game.
There are many just like it,
this one is mine.

Patchwork Fantasy is a fantasy “rules manifesto” I wrote in my free time over the last two weeks in October of 2014.

It’s essentially a mash-up of classic Fantasy RPG tropes with the classless, “Perk”-driven character creation in the style of REWIRED.

We call it a “manifesto” because it’s not really a complete system — more of a mashup of ideas to build a fantasy campaign with.

  • Rolls are either 1d20 based –or- 3d6 based, GM’s choice.
  • Perk system allows you to either organically build the character concept you want, or munchkin the hell out of a niche roll.
  • Spell system is patchwork too: simply design your spells by assigning 3-4 tags. For example: “Cast Lesser Fire Bolt,” or  “Brew Greater Restore Health.”
  • “Levels” are just a milestone in character progression. Everyone levels the same.
  • “One Roll” combat: weapon dice are added to the attack roll total, damage is calculated by subtracting defense. Fast, easy, deadly.
  • Features public domain art, particularly prints from the middle ages, because I’m poor and this is a home brew project anyway.

It’s messy, purposefully vague in some areas, and leaves a lot up to the GM to either make up or rip off from another fantasy game. Although formatted to look good on a small tablet or decent-sized smartphone, this is really the kind of game you should stash in a Trapper Keeper filled with your campaign notes and heavy metal fan art.