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WASTED: Post-Apocalyptic REWIRED

Yes, I wrote this because I’ve been gushing fanboy for Mad Max: Fury Road.  Honestly though I’ve been kicking these thoughts around any time I fire up Fallout or Borderlands. Regardless, I present to you a 3-page hack for REWIRED describing how I would run post-apoc wasteland using the rules. Honestly, going from cybernetic urban sprawl to post-collapse anarchy isn’t that far of a stretch. Even my base campaign setting was practically on the edge — this just allows us to kick that bastard over and watch it fall face first.

The largest change isn’t mechanical, just in attitude: it’s no longer about acquiring new drugs, new tech, more bullets and more connections on the neon-lit rainy streets. It’s about acquiring the right supplies in the hopes of getting to live another day in the radioactive fallout. To reflect this, I replaced the Wealth skill with Resources, which is broken up into three tracks: Scrap, Food and Fuel. “Cred” don’t mean shit in this type of setting — coin metal is melted down, paper money is good to wipe your ass with.

I also tossed in a couple new equipment Tags and a few Perks. For those wanting mutations, I pretty much put in a perk that reskins bionetic augmentations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of bonkers/gonzo, weird-as-fuck super mutant settings. But there are far better games out there for that kind of thing. REWIRED works as a quick, gritty, low-powered action game.

The zip file includes the three page document and an altered character sheet.