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NEW FREE GAME: Get weird in the Mangleverse!

Introducing a new free rpg from The ChaosGrenade! Gonzo Mutoid Wasteland Crust Punks is my love letter to Gamma World 7th edition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time and other bonkers multi-dimensional science fantasies.

Built using the minimald6 rules by Norbert G. Matausch, all you need is scratch paper (or notecards) and a few six-sided dice to get rolling.

Want to play a Giant Diabolical Primate Cultist? Or how about a Terrifying Electrokinetic Bug Nomad?  This is a simple, free game to do so in!

Download the Core Rulebook Here!
Or nab the extended PocketMod PDF Here!

And keep an eye here in the future for upcoming setting notes, random tables, and house rules!

Gutterpunk Sprawl Crawl: Setting Stuff

Warning: Harsh NSFW Language Ahead

I recently began work on an obscene sandbox that primarily uses The Rad Hack but also borrows from other titles like Cyber Hacked, Augmented Reality, Vornheim, Other Dust and any thematically appropriate stuff I find in the OSR community.

I’ve actually begun running it as a Play-by-Post via a private Facebook Group. This format actually works well because it means I can troll Google Images for inspirational artwork to every scene and character, and we also keep an “Out of Character” chat open in messenger for “table talk” moments.

This is a pretty messed up game. It takes inspiration from Judge Dredd, Borderlands, Transmetropolitan, Freejack, Repo Man, and a bunch of other trashy sci-fi titles.

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