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Handy Stuff for My 5E Game

We just had the release of the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook and we won’t be seeing the Monster Manual until the end of the month (or the DMG until around November.) But I honestly feel “all set” to enjoy this edition. The free Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules is pretty much the “core”  I’d ask for anyway; everything else is just extra bells and whistles I may or may not use. Not that I’m not grooving it — there’s a lot of cool stuff to enjoy.  But things the fan community has thrown together has really “umphed” the mileage for me.

From the D&D PHB
From the D&D Player’s Hand Book

Stan Shinn’s 1e-to-5e Combat Tracker (Link)
Before we were blessed with WoTC giving us monster stats in the Basic rules, we were left having to consult either the Starter Set, encounters handouts, or sleazily pirating play test documents to get an idea of how monsters were supposed to be. It’s not perfect, but Stan Shinn’s worksheet to convert AD&D first edition monster stats to something usable with 5E has been a godsend. Heck, even now that I have 5e creature stat blocks, I usually just find myself resorting to converted monster stats anyway.

It should be noted that Brent Newhall took this a step further, and created a converter page that supports both Stan’s formulas for 1E, as well as the math from a discussion on converting 3.5/Pathfinder stats to 5E.

theRPGSite’s BIG! List of Backgrounds (Link)
For my dream campaign, I think I desire more Backgrounds than I do more class options. And this list of fan-contributed stuff has a lot that piques my interest (such as Grave Robber and Animist Acolyte.)

Dungeons & Donuts 5e Quick Character Generator (Link)
This sucker is going into my DM screen (read: OneNote file) as a quick and dirty reference to generate NPC’s on the fly.

Stuff That Isn’t 5e Specific:

  • Ye Olde Mapper (Link): A simple, web-based map maker for encounters/rooms. I shelled out a few bucks for the android app. It has minimal bells and whistles, takes a moment to get comfortable with, but when I’m wanting to scratch out small interiors for combat, it does the trick.
  • Dave’s Mapper (Link): When I do need a full dungeon map slapped together, I let Dave’s Mapper slap it together. The tiles feature work from Dyson Logos, Stuart Robertson, and other OSR/DIY types that I love.
  • My big, fat stack of old-school/OSR books: AD&D, Rules Cyclopedia, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Vornheim, and even ACKS has provided plenty of tinker toys, tables, setting guide lines, idea farming and plot hooks to keep me going for some time. 5e isn’t the “Rosetta Stone” of D&D, but, it has been relatively easy to “hack it forward.”
  • EDIT: Evan Lindsey was cool enough to point out in the comments this massive list of fan material. Not to mention, the blog itself has some really cool fan creations in it.

What resources are you guys throwing together? Have any house rules or home-brews you want to share? Hit me up!