The Patchwork Manifesto

Years of tinkering, home brewing, play testing and running my own  rpg system have lead to this: The Patchwork Manifesto. A generic, free rules system that combines some of the best elements of titles like REWIRED, SIGIL & SHADOW, and of course PATCHWORK FANTASY. 

At its core is the manifesto itself — a 24 page booklet with all the rules and guidelines needed to start playing. Supporting it are patchbooks — short, to the point rules expansions that add options to the game.

The goal of the system is to be modular enough for the GM to pick and choose rules as needed for their home games and personal projects. The game was made in a tool-kit fashion to be hacked apart and expanded on a game-by-game basis.

System Features:

  • 3d6 based system
  • Combat is fast and lethal — this is a gritty system.
  • A system of “Steps and Scale” that establishes advantages or penalties to the action — roll more dice, and take the best/worst three.
  • The game text is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 — take the game and make it your own. Just attribute either me (R.E. Davis) or The ChaosGrenade in the credits. If you make big bucks off your product, at least buy me a pizza or send me a free copy.


If the below links give you trouble downloading, you can alternately grab these from a Google Drive Folder.



The Patchwork Manifesto — Core Rulebook. Includes booklet printout version and a cheap-ass character sheet.


Chemicals and Circuitry is all of the augmentations, drugs, hacking and vehicle rules from REWIRED updated to the Manifesto rules.


A revision of the magic system that premiered in the original Patchwork Fantasy.