A Game of Modern Horror, Occultism and Fantasy.

Ghosts. Demons. The monster in your closet, the boogie-man in your dreams. They’re all real. They lurk in our shadows; they linger in our reflections. Good people make promises to bad things that haunt the woods outside the suburbs. Powerful officials meet behind closed doors to consort with powers beyond our comprehension. As long as mankind has been frightened of the dark, so too have the forces beyond fed off those fears. They lure us by our desires, and they echo our nightmares.

Sigil & Shadow is a role-playing game of modern horror, occultism and fantasy. It’s a world where ancient myths, folklore and urban legend exist against the back drop of our present day. Players take on the roles of investigators, mediums, occultists, hunters or even the monsters themselves, fighting back the horrors of night. Many who know the truth have left their ordinary lives behind to become unlikely heroes. Others have been changed by the shadows, which drive them to seek vengeance, redemption, power or just plain survival.

Whatever the case, this hidden world is dangerous. It is one filled with ancient struggles, dark conspiracies, forbidden lore and arcane magic. A paranormal battleground that spans derelict neighborhoods, crowded nightclubs, suburban homes and highways long forgotten. A nightly clash of heroes and horrors. A shadow war as wide as ancient history or as close as your own inner demons.

Are you prepared to face the dark?

  • Built using the d00Lite system from DwD Studios, the same rules behind BareBones Fantasy and CovertOps.
  • Streamlined mechanics to make running and playing the game fast-paced while giving plenty of options for characters to build and grow.
  • An asymmetrical approach to character progression: mortal “illuminated” characters focus on skills and heroics, monstrous “shadowed” characters balance their supernatural burdens to fuel their dark “gifts”.
  • “Shadowed Template” system — build a monstrous character your way, or use pre-existing ones to speed up creation. A method beneficial to both players and the GM.
  • Designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re wanting mythos-style horror, urban fantasy or something in between, you can accomplish it with minimal tweaks or prep time.

Update May 2016: I’ve kinda lost steam on this project. What I have to offer is a pretty complete package — everything needed for a modern horror/urban fantasy can be played here. Edits, layout, artwork etc. are scant, though. Feel free to do with it as you please, and also to contact me if you have any big ideas to use it.