REWIRED takes the concept of “Quick and Dirty Cyberpunk Role-Playing” to a whole different level. Revised mechanics, more options and a new design philosophy to provide the right balance of crunchy details with fast-playing, easy to learn rules.

This is a game of dark futures the likes of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Neal Stephenson and other fringe sci-fi writers of the late 20th Century warned us about. Where the streets are always wet and littered from the acid rain; where giant corporate skyscrapers loom over the populace like fingers on a hand reaching up to crush the metropolis. Where suits and street punks trade bullets nightly; where important political decisions are made in the back alleys and bars. Where junkies sell out their own friends to get their fix…and sometimes new body parts.


  • A new core mechanic with a “Skill vs. Attribute” design philosophy.
  • Revised combat rules, with a new damage system and tactical play.
  • Streamlined Wealth and Loadout systems, to keep bean counting to a minimum.
  • Customize your weapons, equipment and vehicles with Tags.
  • Releasing under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
  • Download includes the core rulebook, character sheet, as well as METROPLEX BURN (our official in-house setting,) Also included is the core rulebook reformatted as four 12-page, digest sized booklets. Just print (front and back, and fit to page) and staple!

Need a tip on stapling booklets together with a normal stapler? Check out Jon Aquino’s simple solution.

Additional Rules & Articles for REWIRED:

  • Recalibrating Perks: A look at Perk design, with guide lines for making your own or even going free-form.
  • WASTED!: A small “wastelander” hack for REWIRED. Post collapse fuelpunk survival!