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NEW FREE GAME: Get weird in the Mangleverse!

Introducing a new free rpg from The ChaosGrenade! Gonzo Mutoid Wasteland Crust Punks is my love letter to Gamma World 7th edition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time and other bonkers multi-dimensional science fantasies.

Built using the minimald6 rules by Norbert G. Matausch, all you need is scratch paper (or notecards) and a few six-sided dice to get rolling.

Want to play a Giant Diabolical Primate Cultist? Or how about a Terrifying Electrokinetic Bug Nomad?  This is a simple, free game to do so in!

Download the Core Rulebook Here!
Or nab the extended PocketMod PDF Here!

And keep an eye here in the future for upcoming setting notes, random tables, and house rules!

2017 Stand Outs

This year has been crazy for me. I got married back in January, and now we’re expecting a kid sometime after our anniversary. One of those crazy situations where the world at large seems to be on fire, yet on a personal level I have so much to celebrate.

Needless to say — between married life, school, parent prepping and other real life shenanigans, I’ve been pretty quiet on the gaming front. I just realized it’s been 5 months to today since I last posted! Which is a shame, since my big take-aways from this year happened over the last few months.

My New Favorites of 2017

Note that A) These aren’t listed in any order and B) Some are 2016 titles that I didn’t pick up until this year.

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Play Report: The Sentinel

This weekend kicked off a new campaign for some friends and a couple of their kids. I’ve ran the youngins before, but they’ve never really settled in for long term play (and hardly ever got to play with adults other than their parents.)

I’m running using The Lazaro Heresies as our rules set (I actually compiled them for this group!) At the last minute, I decided the campaign would kick off around the AD&D modules The Sentinel and The Gauntlet. I was motivated to use these, as one of the kids told me he’d like to find “a pair of gloves where one is evil and one is good.”

Instead of Greyhawk, though, I’m using the world I ran for a couple years in our 4th Edition D&D campaign. However, I bumped the timeline up 500 years (and a cataclysm) later, so the map is shook up a bit.

Warning: These logs will contain spoilers of the adventure modules. 

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