THE CHAOSGRENADE is a website dedicated to our favorite pastime: tabletop role-playing games. We love it so much we even homebrewed a few of our own.  This site is home to those projects, as well as a the occasional blog post or fan-made thing.

About Us
R.E. Davis  hails from Stephenville, TX. He’s currently a Communication Studies student at Tarleton State University. He’s a passionate game nerd, to the point he even owned a small game shop for a while. His other passions include reading, writing, listening to music, and dabbling in esoteric oddities. He lives with his awesome wife, thee cats, and a dog.

Matt Bryant lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he works as a hydrologist. He luckily has a supportive wife and three entertaining pets. He spends his time on tabletop RPGs, science, music, meditation, and bushcraft. His greatest passion is in the study of the martial arts of renaissance Europe.