The Plant Hack: Mutant Plants for The Rad Hack

The Mutant class in The Rad Hack is pretty flexible — you can easily be a mutant animal, plant, or some other strange humanoid. Still, I’ve had friends, followers, and even my spouse talk about how they wished the “Mutant Plant” was a class on its own. I decided to homebrew my own variant Plant class by re-skinning powers that already existed in the game. Enjoy!

Blossom — a living fire-flower with a mushroom cap shield.


Starting HP: d6+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6
Radiation die: d10
Weapons & Armor: All Ranged and up to Medium Melee if DEX is highest stat, the other way around if STR. Choose which is tied. Up to Medium Armor, Small Shields.
Attack Damage: 1d6 if Armed, 1d4 if Unarmed or Improvising.


Mutant Plants start the game with 2 randomly chosen Plant Mutations and an Ability Die of d4. This die is refreshed after a long rest. To use a Mutation, first test the attributes that corresponds with what you are attempting to do, then roll the Ability Die to check if it decreases a step.

Reactive Mutations (R) can be triggered even when it isn’t the targeted player’s turn, and counts as a free action. Players are encouraged to be creative with how they use their Plant Mutations by making them stronger, altering their effects etc. Depending on the power of the effect, such tests can be at a Disadvantage. If a roll of 20 is made while using a Plant Mutation, the Plant Mutation permanently alters the Mutant Plant’s appearance, has the opposite effect, targets an ally etc.


Adaptive: Upon leveling up, a Mutant Plant can swap two attributes around.
Photosynthesis: Sunlight replaces the need for food. Water is still important.


Roll to see if attributes increase. Roll 1d6 to determine what attribute to roll twice for. Increase the Ability Die one step on even levels. Gain a random Plant Mutation on uneven levels, to a max of five. When gaining a sixth Plant Mutation, that one replaces the old one.


Roll Plant Mutation Effect
1 Camouflage Blend into environment to gain advantage on stealth test.
2 Minion Pod Release a small minion (sapling, insect hive swarm, whatever.) Has 10 in STR & DEX and 10 HP. Roll Usage Die to control it.
3 Poison Barbs Unarmed attack poisons target. Mutant Plant chooses poison.
4 Razor Leafs Unarmed attack deals d8+level damage. Concealable.
5 Spines Ranged attack shoots spines up to far-away range for 1d6+level damage.
6 Multiple Limbs Ability to attack twice.
7 Domination Spores Target that is close must obey one simple command.
8 Medicinal Qualities Heal nearby target for d6+level HP
9 Climber Advantage on Climbing Tests
10 Telepathy Spores Subject may inhale spores to receive telepathic messages from the mutant plant at Nearby range.
11 Tangled Vines Ranged attacks snares prey.
12 Barkskin Gain 2 Armor Points for the next minute
13 Firebloom Ranged attack deals d6+level fire damage. May ignite.
14 Snap Trap Unarmed attacks deal d6+level damage and heals the Mutant Plant for half the amount.
15 Long vines Advantage on Balance test; ability to grab small objects within close range.
16 Alluring Scent Advantage on test to influence targets.
17 Regeneration Pass CON test to heal d6+level hit points
18 Spore Cloud (R) Advantage of defensive test.
19 Icebloom Ranged attack deals d6+level ice damage. May paralyze.
20 Bad Trip Spores Nearby target panics and tries to run away and/or hide from hallucinations.

This is fan made material for The Rad Hack by Karl Stjernberg. Purchase it Here.


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