Gutterpunk Sprawl Crawl: Setting Stuff

Warning: Harsh NSFW Language Ahead

I recently began work on an obscene sandbox that primarily uses The Rad Hack but also borrows from other titles like Cyber Hacked, Augmented Reality, Vornheim, Other Dust and any thematically appropriate stuff I find in the OSR community.

I’ve actually begun running it as a Play-by-Post via a private Facebook Group. This format actually works well because it means I can troll Google Images for inspirational artwork to every scene and character, and we also keep an “Out of Character” chat open in messenger for “table talk” moments.

This is a pretty messed up game. It takes inspiration from Judge Dredd, Borderlands, Transmetropolitan, Freejack, Repo Man, and a bunch of other trashy sci-fi titles.

The Fucking Setting

Humanity headed to the stars! We’ve achieved wonders in robotics, cybernetics, nanotechnology, FTL travel and off-world terra forming! There’s new life and new wonders out there!

But Fuck You. You’re stuck on this mudball.

Earth is, uh, kind of a dying cancer of what it once was. Matter of fact, the bleeding hearts in the SOL Senate managed to squeeze in just three more votes to veto the proposal to euthanize the planet and everyone left on it.

So, now it’s a god-damned resource burden to the Corporate Council. Poor OmniCon has been tasked with keeping the inhabitants of Earth safe and fed.

While they boast the system over as the caretakers of humanity’s homeworld, the truth is they’re really just exploiting what workers they can in the hopes the filthy savages and mutants eventually eat themselves. They constantly blast propaganda in the media feeds asking the citizens of Earth to elect dignified self-termination. Too lazy to establish any attempts at restoring agriculture, they instead have given a contract to MacRonalds to stock and maintain their Food Recyclers in the mega-sprawls and slums outside the “Nega Cities”.

Those lovely blue hexes are the massive arcologies belonging to OmniCon. Walled citadel paradise city states. You can only dream of maybe seeing the inside someday — unfortunately only “pure humans” untouched by the corrosion of the last Franchise Wars and hostile environment are welcomed in there.
The green zones, meanwhile, are various Burbclaves established by the proletariat “middle class” wage-slaves of OmniCon. They like the stick their noses up at outsiders like they’re in some high class palisades. Truth is, they’re living in the bombed-out skeleton of the old civilization, and the only thing keeping them separate from the rest of the world is having OmniCon constantly monitor and patrol their neighborhoods.

That section to the south? That is where our campaign begins.

Welcome to Sector A, once the center of the original megalopolis that was here prior to the franchise wars, the nukes, and the nano-burn. It’s now lovingly referred to as “The Anarcho Blight Zone”. The only OmniCon security resides on the thick walls that close in the gutter sprawl of failed megacity blocks. Although, at night, the occasional fly-by of drones and heavily armed helicopters love to randomly pepper neighborhoods with gunfire.

There is some semblance of order here, however. Nomadic tribes, gangs, clans, and other cliques of humans, mutants, robots and other oddities cling together for survival. There’s some working power lines that come through the area, and there’s certain food franchises where a gutterpunk can exchange a few slugs for a recycle BigMac and mostly clean water (or whatever was brewed in the bathtub last night.)

Home District: Hex A1


That center hex with the mouse? It’s the Neon Rodent. It was formerly a casino, now it’s home to a bunch of murder-hobos (namely: the players!). Pretty genius actually — they can keep the lights on thanks to their jury-rigged slot machines where the pull lever is also a functioning crank for a generator. Each pull awards a Chickey MacNugget, so many flock here to trade in their slugs for a meal.  The owner is Mama Scheifer, a mutant hamster woman whose whole horde occupies the top floor of the Rodent.

Bubba’s Big Junk Heap is an old shopping complex, now taken over by a massive warthog and his pinmates. They love to collect scrap and barter, but primarily are out to rob everyone of their slugs and vehicles.

Zom Zoms is an actual eatery that isn’t just a franchised food recycler and vending machine. (Although it is rumored they’re just good at jailbreaking their recycler codes.)  The meals can vary in quality from roadkill to “almost good for you” — depending on the weather. Lots of nomads stop by here — a ruckus every night!

The Church of the Divine Metaphor is a walled compound built on the remains of a former mega-church. They seem to be an angry group of people that like to hate folks from the Neon Rodent because, to them,  that’s what church people are supposed to do.

The Disposable Rippers are a prominent cyber gang in the area. Hyped up on all sorts of drugs and bugs, they’re all chop-shop quality razor heads who love to cause trouble. Their rivals are the Chrome Talons — nomadic packs of “uplifted” velociraptors from OmniCon’s petting zoo, turned cybernetic urban hunters.

Tune in Next Post where I introduce our adventurers on the start of their fucked-up journey to do mundane tasks!


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