Comic Action Remix: A One-Page Supers Hack for CarPG!

Comic Action Remix is a free one-page hack of CarPG aimed at super heroic action in the style of popular comic books and Saturday morning cartoons.

The base idea here is to focus mainly on the attributes of Hearts, Smarts, & Parts for actions. Skills are free form, and represent active abilities the characters can use — if you want laser beams, weather control, know super science or strange magic, just write it down as a skill!

Tags are for the more passive abilities — health regeneration, damage mitigation, background details like a hidden lair or insider connections with law enforcement or the press can be used here.

Being that this is more cinematic, the combat uses the flat damage option from the CarPG booklet. This is a matter of personal preferences — even in my gritty Sin City /  Pulp-style games I prefer heroes who can take ridiculous amounts of punishment.

The added mechanic of Cool Points is a quick method for players to add the over-the-top action effects that they want. Want to punch someone through multiple office walls? Blow a cool point. Want your attack spell to look like a fiery dragon that scares off civilians watching? That’s another cool point.

It’s loose, it’s silly, it’s not really realistic. But it works for those wanting a quick heroic fix. And, as always, it’s here free and released under the CC-BY-SA-NC license.

If you want more one-page hacks, or any expanded material for CarPG or Comic Action Remix, just drop us a note in the comments.


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