Seasonal Hiatus (OVER)

UPDATE:  In case you couldn’t tell — I’m baaaaccckk!



I’ll keep this short and sweet:

I’m doing some awesome things in my real life that are eating up time from my hobbies. My game time will be limited — my productive time even less. So I’m just going to go ahead and put up this notice that I probably won’t be posting anything exciting on here until Summer of 2016.

I do have some really cool projects I’m working on, but I’m not going to be broadcasting them on here until I have something to show for them.  There’s also going to be a site re-launch when I return, keeping the focus primarily on my work and less on blogging. Hope everyone’s dice rolls true, and loot a few corpses for me!

PS — I won’t be completely out of touch. Any game related stuff I do for fun you can hear about on my G+ Page!

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