[WHITE STAR] My House Rules (Dec 2015)

Originally meant to share this as a doc over Google Drive, but apparently something is borked with linking via G+. A good chunk of these (especially the skill system) were actually ripped off from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I plan on also using these ideas with Swords & Wizardry Whitebox in the future. All of my White Star rules are printed out in a school notebook binder, along with most of the Hyperspace Messengers by DwD Studios and the Psionics supplement by DYS Games. 

My Character Sheet:


All personal weapons may be used by any class. Heavy weapons may be used by Mercenaries, as well as Pilots if they’re part of a ship’s arsenal.


All character classes may wear any armor — but class abilities for Aristocrats, Pilots, Star Knights, Psions or Mystics cannot be performed when wearing armor their class isn’t trained in.

Ability Checks:

For non-skill based actions, we will use the traditional “Roll Under Ability” method as arbitrated by the DM.

Combat Machine Revision:

The Combat Machine class feature for Mercenaries shall now read as the following:

COMBAT MACHINE: Against foes of a hit die equal to ½ or fewer (rounded down), Mercenaries get free extra attacks per round that can be used against only them, up to one extra per experience level of the Mercenary.

Hit-Point Recovery:

To offset the lethality of lower levels a smidge, characters have a pool of hit points they can recover through a 10 to 30-minute rest. This is equal to their Constitution score. They may spend points from this pool to recover as they see fit (spend it all at once, break it up over several rests, etc.) This pool replenishes after a full rest.

Equal Advancement:

All characters will progress in levels at the same rate as Mercenaries. BHB, HD, and Saving Throws (as well as any powers per level) remain according to the class tables.

Multi-classing is an option, but with the following caveats:

  • There is a cap of 10 levels, regardless. This means multi-classing may result in never getting late game benefits.
  • You take the better Saving Throw.
  • Hit points rolled every level are rolled per-class.

Skill Descriptions

We are using a Lamentations of the Flame Princess style skill system, that all characters may progress in. Each skill is ranked 1 through 6. To perform a skill check, roll a d6 and score equal to or under the value to succeed.  Characters begin with 2 skill points to allocate as they see fit. Each level they gain 2 additional points, for a max of 20 skill points (meaning they may max out 3 ½ skills by level cap.) Players are also free to scheme up their own skills with GM approval. Additional spaces are provided on the character sheet.

Studied and applied knowledge on sciences, history, lore and culture.

Aptitude applied to the building, repairing, and modification of vehicles, machines, engines and structures.

Fast Hands:
Aptitude to perform sleight of hand type actions — pick-pocketing, lock picking, discreet hand gestures etc.

Each point in Language grants a basic knowledge of a new language. Additionally, a Languages skill check may be performed to discern and wing communication with a newly encountered tongue.

A medic skill roll can be used prior to a Saving Throw vs. Death to sustain a fallen comrade. A successful check after injuries (combat related or otherwise) may grant an immediate 1 hit point recovery, plus one additional HP per experience level of the Medic.

Sneak Attack:
A character who successfully ambushes another may multiply the damage dealt by their level of Sneak Attack skill.

The ability to sneak, maneuver from, hide etc. A successful stealth check may be necessary in order to pull off a Sneak Attack.

This skill is used to forage in extreme environmental conditions. Survival checks are used for building quick shelters, finding food and water, navigating by instinct, tracking prey etc.

Skill used for applying computer, electronic, cybernetic and software systems.

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