Patchwork Fantasy Revised: Paying it Forward

In lieu of the Warrior, Rogue & Mage SRD being released under CC-BY, I decided to pay it forward.

600px-WeirdTalesv28n3pg289_Lost_DoorToday I have uploaded a revised copy of Patchwork Fantasy, which I’m also going to release as CC-BY.
That means you’re free to share, remix and re-use — both commercial and non.

Patchwork owes a lot to the WyRM system, and at one point Michael Wolf had considered adopting my magic system for a WR&M “Pocket Edition” that never saw fruition.

The original version was hammered out in two weeks as sort of a personal challenge. Originally I felt it was a failed experiment — I had intended to fit it in a couple “digest” sized booklets much like I did with REWIRED. The end result fell short, and was riddled with typos. Bad ones, glaring ones. Even when I gave the disclaimer it was purposefully vague and messy in some areas, it was pretty bad.

But instead of abandoning it, I’ve come back and given it some love. There’s been some needed revisions, based on feedback and personal reconsideration. There’s been quite a bit of clarification, and spruced up with a bit more artwork (thanks to Sine Nomine Publishing for releasing some in the public domain.)

Sure, the last thing we need is another fantasy game. But I think having more ideas and content released for free, with the encouragement to grow and build however you desire, is never a bad thing. Have fun, and please share anything you do with it!

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