Patchwork Fantasy: a “Rules Manifesto”

800px-Holbein_Danse_Macabre_27This is my fantasy game.
There are many just like it,
this one is mine.

Patchwork Fantasy is a fantasy “rules manifesto” I wrote in my free time over the last two weeks in October of 2014.

It’s essentially a mash-up of classic Fantasy RPG tropes with the classless, “Perk”-driven character creation in the style of REWIRED.

We call it a “manifesto” because it’s not really a complete system — more of a mashup of ideas to build a fantasy campaign with.

  • Rolls are either 1d20 based –or- 3d6 based, GM’s choice.
  • Perk system allows you to either organically build the character concept you want, or munchkin the hell out of a niche roll.
  • Spell system is patchwork too: simply design your spells by assigning 3-4 tags. For example: “Cast Lesser Fire Bolt,” or  “Brew Greater Restore Health.”
  • “Levels” are just a milestone in character progression. Everyone levels the same.
  • “One Roll” combat: weapon dice are added to the attack roll total, damage is calculated by subtracting defense. Fast, easy, deadly.
  • Features public domain art, particularly prints from the middle ages, because I’m poor and this is a home brew project anyway.

It’s messy, purposefully vague in some areas, and leaves a lot up to the GM to either make up or rip off from another fantasy game. Although formatted to look good on a small tablet or decent-sized smartphone, this is really the kind of game you should stash in a Trapper Keeper filled with your campaign notes and heavy metal fan art.

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