Friday Free For All: Incoming Hiatus (and something about D&D?)

watchmen-babies-in-v-for-vacation-large-high-res-comic-cover-updatedI’m already in the early stages of packing and preparing for moving into a new house in the coming month! The good? Lots of space for gaming, my own gamer cave, opportunities abound to get back into my Youtube reviews and other projects. The bad? I have a lot of cleaning to do, and it may take a while to get a steady internet connection back. And attempting to handle real life stuff and blog about gaming just isn’t going to do well for my sanity I’m afraid.

That said, I’m taking free time to prepare some kick-ass stuff in August — more details of Sigil & Shadow‘s playtesting, more support articles for REWIRED, some reviews of new games from DwD Studios and some other geeky tidbits!

The Day Before the Fourth is the Beginning of the Fifth

Did that joke go over your head? July 3rd marks the launch of Basic D&D and the new D&D Starter Set for fifth edition. I’ve been purposefully avoiding the play tests and most discussions related to the new edition. I’m stoked they’re releasing a free, core version for everyone to pick up — and believe me, I will be itching to roll up some characters and explore the new rules. Everything I’ve read sounds great. But I also know 4E really, really burnt me out on keeping up with game lines. I could probably write a huge rant here about how my favorite titles — D&D, World of Darkness, and Shadowrun — seem to be cranking out new editions that really aren’t helping me enjoy the game any more. I choose not to, because I know out there somewhere someone who’s never played Masquerade or Requiem is being introduced to the Strix Chronicles, or a newbie Shadowrunner is rolling a crap ton of six-siders for the first time, and I’m not going to be the one to shit on their fun.

I’m hoping 5e D&D does well. I’m hoping this edition brings many old timers back, as well as brings in many newcomers. I’ll gladly pick up the dice and roll with them. But I’m also of this mind state that I have other editions, and other titles, that accomplish everything I want in a fantasy dungeon crawl. Everything I’ve read about 5E I can get out of AD&D, Rules Cyclopedia, ACKS, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, or even BareBones Fantasy.

Really, you know what I really want out of a game these days? Time to play. People to play them with.

See you guys in August! Feel free to stalk me over Google+ or Twitter.


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