ArmSallyThe revised edition of my “Quick and Dirty Cyberpunk RPG” is officially out today! I’m really stupid happy with the outcome of this revision, really in love with the new booklet format and the overall flow of it. I hope everyone enjoys the changes (which you can read about on the previous blog.) Feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, criticisms, tokens of gratitude or hatemail in the comments.

If you really enjoy this game, feel free to share the love.  It’s released under Creative Commons, so feel free to redistribute and share among your gamer circles free of charge. Any reviews, reposts or retweets to boost the signal are highly appreciated.

Zip file includes:

  • Core Rules PDF — Perfect for any mobile device or laptop
  • Print Copy (booklet format — just print front and back!)
  • Revised Character Sheet
  • METROPLEX BURN setting PDF — official setting of the REWIRED playtesting crew.

One thought on “REWIRED REVISED is out!”

  1. If anyone grabbed the file and was left wondering where METROPLEX BURN is, I forgot to add it to the zip *doh!* Should be updated now, sorry for the confusion. Big props to Johnny White for finding that SNAFU!

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