REWIRED: Revision in the Works

A major revision to REWIRED is currently drafted up, and after some in-house playtesting and feedback this week it should be live.

This isn’t a major overhaul — the majority of the game mechanics are the same. But quite a bit is being re-tooled, as well as some new features being plugged in.

  • 14 - 1New Format: I feel REWIRED was too big for Pocketmod, even in an extended format, yet I didn’t really like the “core book” approach either. To me, the biggest plus of WYRED/REWIRED was that sort of underground zine aesthetic, the DIY game print feel, and the functionality of quick booklets to easily carry and get the game rolling. So the new revision will come in a complete PDF, but is written with the intention of it to be broken up into four, twelve page booklets (3 pages of paper folded together.) It will come with a PDF of the booklet version where you should be able to just print them off and fold without any special fiddling at the printer.
  • New Attribute: Joining Chrome, Wires and Data is Signal. I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and add a fourth attribute. Social rolls have been pigeon-holed since WYRED in between Wires and Data. Signal is more than just good looks or the ability to charm someone — it is an attribute about how much your presence, reputation, and personal wealth can affect the world around you. Influence is going to be one of its primary skills.
  • Wealth and Contacts as Skills: Wealth as it works now is a Perk, but functions similarly to a skill. But it’s also a bit winded in the details, and I’ve had many folks report that their gaming group just “didn’t get it.” Taking a cue from Fate Core, which really inspired me post REWIRED development, I’ve decided to take a cue from them and have Contacts and Wealth function as actual skills under Signal. There’s also a Funds damage track, where players can etch off boxes to improve their rolls — at the risk of permanently damaging their skill!
  • Cleaned Up Terminology: Repeated mechanics have been given names, and certain rule descriptions have been cleaned up and streamlined by them. For instance: “Roll four dice, taking the highest” is now simply called a 4dH roll (or 4dL for Lowest.)
  • Trimmed the Fat: Most references to Mangled Earth have been taken out, returning the game to mostly a generic cyberpunk game. That said, I plan on bundling a cleaned up and revised METROPLEX BURN setting with the revision to help new GMs and Players.

    Expect this revision to hit sometime before June!

3 thoughts on “REWIRED: Revision in the Works”

  1. I’ll be all over this – I liked what you did before (was using it run a steampunk style game), so I look forward to this. When I do play cyberpunk, it is this.

    Are cybernetics staying the same?

    1. Yeah, cybernetics remain as “perks” BUT I do throw in optional rules on purchasing them with the Wealth skill. I had originally wanted to include something like it, but, it felt kinda bloated (like the old Wealth rules.) Using the skill and how the Funds track works, I think it’ll be pretty clean cut (and expensive) for those who want it 🙂

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