Matt Bryant has released a revised version of MAIN SEQUENCE, a rules-lite Space RPG using based on the WyRM system as it was derived from WYRED. This new booklet is a full sized version, filled with some cleaner definitions of the rules and with added examples to help new players hop into the game. It even includes sample characters and a space ship (from his actual campaign!) to give a better idea of how the game looks in play.

Saturn Eclipse — provided by NASA

I’m super stoked to be hosting this game for him, and I encourage anyone looking for a quick and dirty sci-fi rules system that is inherently lite (but still packs a punch) to give it a shot. It’s free, and like all our games here it’s released under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 License. Meaning you’re free to hack this sucker apart, share it with friends, and make new works out of it. Have fun!

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