New Project: “Sigil & Shadow”

I’m happy to announce a new gaming project I’m working on for DwD Studios!

Sigil & Shadow is a “BareBones RPG of Modern Horror and Urban Fantasy.” It will use the d00Lite System (the same featured in BareBones Fantasy and Covert Ops,) and like those titles will be released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License. 

I plan on keeping the spirit of the system — if you’ve played any other d00Lite title, you’re already familiar with the bulk of the game mechanics. Even though you’ll see a lot of overlap from both Covert Ops and photoBareBones Fantasy, I’m doing more than just mashing the two together.  The biggest addition will be the approach for designing “Creepers” (our term for supernatural characters) — instead of forcing players and Game Masters into a specific set of powers and lore, we’re going to provide a fast and easy toolkit for creating whatever “thing that goes bump in the night” you want. It’ll be a system for both the GM to create archetypes and templates for their game world, or to let players invent their very own type of supernatural character. Much like the spell system from BBF, you can expect a broad power listing for you to skin appropriately to your mythos.

There’s also a couple more new mechanics on the workbench currently: a “Terror & Sanity” mechanic, as well as a system for magical rituals that any character can be a part of. All I can say at this time is I’m doing my damnedest to make sure these aren’t unnecessary tack-ons, and instead take advantage of existing systems. Expect to see Moral Code and Descriptors having a bit more use in game play.

Feedback Challenge: The Shades

Want to help out in the development? Here’s your first shot: The Shades. “Shades” are metaphorical, blanket archetypes that represent the source of both the power, and burden, of a Creeper.

  • The Hungered is all about dependency and addiction: the powers and nature of the Creeper centers entirely around a need. The classic example is a Vampire’s thirst for blood, a zombie’s craving for brains and flesh, a succubus desiring pleasure or the “Boogey Man” feeding on nightmares.
  • The Devoted receive their powers from external beings — cultists of Elder Gods, Faustian pacts with Devils, a shamanic oath to an ancestor spirit, or even a fanatical zeal to an ancient cause. The price of power is devotion, offering, and even sacrifice.
  • The Hosts also receive their power from another being, but said being is living within them. The relationship can be symbiotic or parasitic in nature, but almost always the person struggles living with an alien mind. Demon possession, Houdinistic Loas, spirits of murdered relatives and even avatars of ancient gods seeking a vessel are prime examples of what empowerss the Hosts.
  • The Afflicted, lastly, are those who never had a choice in what they’ve become. To the Wolfman cursed with lycanthropy, the loner born to a demonic bloodline that chose to awake in him, the occult scholar whom in his hubris learned too much, or even the creature that woke up into existence on a laboratory slab — these Creepers struggle to conceal their nature from those who cannot comprehend, nor tolerate, their afflictions.

The fact that there’s potential overlap is intentional: our goal is to accommodate the varied folklore and mythology throughout the world. A werewolf may very well be aligned with The Hunger, forced to seek out prey under the full moon. Or perhaps he’s a host to a demon that drives his beast form.

What I’m wanting to see is if someone can punch holes in this logic. Is there a fifth, or even sixth archetype I’m missing? Do one of these need to be re-evaluated? I’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Rev

    What about Alien Creepers – those that are so different in their thinking, philosophy approach or in their physical make up?

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