METROPLEX BURN — A Setting Booklet for REWIRED

DallasFor all you hombres hounding me for a setting, I present to you a guide to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex of Mangled Earth! Presented in a very “Quick and Dirty” style that should give you plenty to start with while providing elbow room for the kind of setting you want to run. This is a rough guide to the very campaign setting I’ve used to playtest my games. Have fun blowing shit up!

  • An overview of the various cities and communities of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, as interpreted in the alternate near-future of REWIRED.
  • A brief guide to some Megacorporations, Street Gangs and Criminal Organizations.
  • Suggested character roles and adventure ideas for those who need a jump start on their preparation.
  • A system neutral guide, meaning complete compatability with WYRED and other cyberpunk role-playing games.

As always, feedback, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.


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