COVERT OPS by DWD STUDIOS has launched ahead of schedule! 123056

COVERT OPS is a modern day role-playing game of paramlitary action and espionage, using the d00Lite System (that same found in BareBones Fantasy.) At the risk of repeating myself any further, I’d like to point any new readers to my previews BBF Review and CO Preview:

COVERT OPS Sneak Peek 

BareBones Fantasy Review 

All of the excitement I had previously remains. The books look solid, the layout is easy on the eyes and the artwork rocks. The system, while “lite” on the mechanics, offers more than enough nitty-gritty when it comes to gun fights, car chases, cool gadgets and enemy organizations. Lots of tools for the GM who wants to run a bad ass spy game, or an explosive adventure in the style of G.I. Joe or The A-Team, but doesn’t have a lot of time to prep.

And I say this with strict confidence, as the PDF release has become a massive bundle! You get the Core Rulebook (which is more than enough to run the game,) the Game Master’s Operation Manual (with all of the optional rules, tweaks and suggestions any RPG tinker gnome could want!) Plus The Usual Suspects, thirty pre-generated character archetypes ranging across different tiers of experience to be used as NPC’s for your campaign. Oh, wait, there’s also character sheets, hand outs and even Initiative & Condition cards all bundled  for ten bucks. 

There’s also print-on-demand options, including an all-inclusive Hardback book that comes with the PDF bundle for free. Seriously, Bill Logan & Larry Moore have outdone their previous offering and continue to deliver one of the best deals in the gaming industry. For less than the price of a lot of major Player Handbooks or incomplete “Core” Rules for other games, they give us the whole enchilada — and then some!

Check out COVERT OPS on RPGNow!


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